BTL Industries, a manufacturer of devices for medical and aesthetic use, announced the FDA clearance of its groundbreaking BTL Vanquish device for circumferential reduction of the abdomen area. The system’s patented technology creates a high-frequency energy field that targets the thermal effects into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin tissue. Further, BTL Vanquish provides optimal aesthetic results across the entire abdominal area with maximum safety and comfort without surgery or downtime.

‘BTL Vanquish is truly a breakthrough technology. Published clinical studies show it permanently destroys unwanted fat for safe and measurable circumferential reduction of the abdominal area without the cost and inconvenience of surgery,’ says David McDaniel, MD, a leading dermatologist and investigator of high-tech devices for non-invasive body contouring. ‘FDA clearance of Vanquish is a significant step forward in providing the newest treatment option for body slimming and shaping.’

BTL Vanquish is radically different from other systems that use a point source of heat or cold. Instead, BTL Vanquish uses a panel array that emits selective RF energy with the largest spot size in the industry to treat the entire core in one application. Providing a clinically proven and safe treatment option without touching the patient’s skin, the breakthrough technology of BTL Vanquish surpasses earlier treatment options that require uncomfortable suction or labor-intensive application. The BTL Vanquish achieves results that all patients want—a beautifully contoured abdomen and smaller waistline.

‘FDA clearance of BTL Vanquish marks a defining moment in our journey to provide physicians and their patients an elegant treatment option to target fat cells and bring about a reduction in the waist circumference,’ said Andrea Morrison, BTL’s Director of Clinical Development. ‘BTL is proud to offer patients a comfortable, affordable and noninvasive body shaping experience. This regulatory milestone underscores BTL’s commitment to deliver meaningful solutions to aesthetic patient care.’