Allergan UK has launched a new tool on its website that enables patients to identify clinics that match with their needs. The tool builds on the previous clinic locator directory, which based results solely on proximity. With the latest development, patients can answer questions about their aspirations post treatment, identify what sort of practitioner they’d like to see, and ascertain the qualification of the injector before they make contact with the clinic.

The tool was developed as a result of research1 showing that consumers considering non-surgical injectable procedures require more information about their physician before they have the confidence to book a consultation.

The same research also showed that nearly three million women are currently considering or would consider fillers in the future1, however, many feel nervous about phoning or entering clinics for the first time, and each woman has different criteria about the right sort of clinic for them.

Consumers can use the new tool to:

  • Select the area of the face they are interested in discussing
  • Identify their desired outcome post treatment
  • Select the type of clinic experience they would feel most comfortable with
  • Filter results in many ways, including past user experience or the qualifications of the aesthetics practitioners