The number of people looking to retrain in a new career is at a record high, with job losses and uncertainty during the COVID-19 outbreak creating a new pool of ambitious job seekers, while the Government’s furlough scheme is also presenting new opportunities for employees to reflect on their career choices. And interestingly, aesthetics is emerging as a highly lucrative industry for trained healthcare professionals and beauticians, with demand for skilled practitioners rising rapidly in line with growing interest in facial procedures. 

According to Aesthetic Skills Academy, a UK leader in aesthetics coaching with courses covering both foundational and advanced certification, training requests from those with both medical and non-medical backgrounds has risen by 50% across the duration of the pandemic. The organisation believes that this demand is closely aligned with the accelerated growth in cosmetic treatments that has been witnessed since the UK first locked down in March, with enquiries relating to face and neck procedures rising by 57% in this time. 

“With the pandemic creating never before seen levels of economic and financial uncertainty, cosmetic treatment is not an area that you would typically expect to see becoming a primary need amongst the British public, but when we take a look at which treatments are rising fastest – procedures for the face and neck – it all starts to make sense,” says Victoria Ceban, Director of Aesthetic Skills Academy. 

“Many people have shifted to remote working during the pandemic, relying on video conferencing tools such as Zoom to connect and collaborate. We’re seeing our image reflected in video more so than we ever did through mirrors and photographs, and many are feeling less confident in their appearance.” 

This phenomenon is already being referred to as the ‘Zoom Boom’, and refers to workers becoming more aware of how they look as they are seeing themselves on camera multiple times during the working day. While the younger selfie generation may be accustomed to this, many older millennials and the over-40s are struggling with this newfound visibility. 

Aesthetics Skills Academy offers training in Botox, dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections and has successfully adapted to the new normal by combining in-person practical training with intensive e-learning strategies to train new practitioners in a safe yet effective way. The leading training provider has seen a rapid increase in enquiries as both medical and non-medical professionals seek to retrain in a new career. 

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Aesthetic Skills Academy is an established training school, delivering expert training and mentoring to practitioners for many years. All training schedules are built around the needs of students, helping to lay the foundations for a successful career in the cosmetic or aesthetic industries. As a leader in the field, Aesthetic Skills Academy boasts a strong team of dedicated tutors, who are available for support before, during, and following completion of training.