Get Harley, the digital platform that keeps qualified skincare professionals connected with their patients even after their initial consultation and enables personalised, product regimes delivered to-their-door, is upping the ante for November.

“We are disheartened that we have another impending national lockdown. The first one had a significant effect on our community of excellent practitioners. We want to help in any way we can, so we have immediately actioned ways in which we can make this period a bit easier, better and brighter for all our customers.”

Charmaine Chow, CEO Get Harley

FREE Shipping Period

During the first lockdown, income from product sales via Get Harley was often the only source of meaningful income that Get Harley practitioners could generate, without being in clinic.

In order to help increase orders for Get Harley practitioners this time around, Get Harley is enabling the practitioners to offer free shipping to their patients for the whole month of November. This should increase patient uptake, which means more passive income during this lockdown period.

“We initially planned it to be for 72 hours so practitioners can get their patients all on plans that generate further auto-replenishments and therefore income during the closed period, but due to an overwhelming demand, we have decided to extend it for the rest of November.”

 Charmaine Chow, CEO Get Harley

Bookings for Re-opening

In addition to generating auto-sales, the Get Harley team also actively seek out opportunities to pre-book appointments for the practitioners when clinics reopen again, further building income for the practitioner during lockdown.

Online Consultations

Get Harley helps book and coordinate online consultations for its practitioners. This is much more than just a “Zoom Link”. The Get Harley support team advises practitioners how to tie in product sales alongside consultations and everything flows seamlessly through the platform, resulting in a first-class patient experience, and also a high likelihood of patients purchasing products.

Unparalleled Customer Service – generating passive income

Get Harley practitioners make passive income through repeat sales, and this can be a lifeline when other revenue drivers are not possible. The Get Harley team checks in with the practitioners’ patients remotely, and repeatedly upsell additional products when patients run low or are in search of new products as their regime evolves. They also help practitioners actively outreach to patients and generate sales.

“It is this follow-up service that enables practitioners to make thousands in passive income, even when clinics are closed.” Charmaine Chow, CEO Get Harley

Dr Fiona McCarthy says:

“Get Harley has been an invaluable asset to my business on a daily basis and in particular during lockdown. Get Harley facilitated all my online consultations to ensure that I was able to keep in touch with my patients and also ensured existing patients replenished their skincare on a regular basis thus providing a constant revenue stream during this time.”

For those interested in an online demo of the platform, please contact [email protected] / 07905-768510

-notes to editors-

Get Harley is a digital platform that enables and empowers practitioners to sell skincare and supplements and manages repeat sales. The platform allows professionals to set up and run in-clinic and online consultations and sell product regimes via the platform. Each practitioner has their own unique digital shelf of their own chosen products. The products are bought and sold directly to the customers of each practitioner and delivered to their door in an eco-friendly, personalised box. Get Harley continues to sell to the customers when they run low on their first box of products, without any additional effort from the practitioner, via a clever algorithm. The practitioner gets the lion share of the profit and has the opportunity to sell regimes to their customers over and over again with no incremental effort. This means increased revenue for the practitioner and very happy customers who do not have to leave home to get expert advice and clinical-grade products.

  • 70% of patients put on the Get Harley platform purchase skincare regimes
  • 80% of these patients repurchase through the platform
  • The average first purchase sale on Get Harley is £200
  • The average repurchase sale is also £200
  • 40% of those who try a product sample included in the box will purchase the full-sized version

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