Since its introduction in 2004, with almost 8000 users globally, 10000 procedures performed every day and over 40 published clinical studies, Syneron Medical’s VelaShape® technology remains the most trusted brand for cellulite and non-invasive body shaping by physicians, beauty experts, and the over 5 million patients worldwide who have had treatments.

As the fourth generation device, VelaShape III builds on the success of the Vela brand (including VelaSmooth, VelaShape, and VelaShape II), which established the category of non-invasive body shaping via circumference reduction and cellulite reduction. The launch of the new VelaShape III platform meets the growing demand for affordable, practical, and comfortable non-invasive body shaping techniques.

VelaShape III is CE marked for body contouring and FDA cleared for circumferential reduction of the abdomen and thighs. Based on the proven energy combination of Syneron’s proprietary elōs® technology and with the extensive clinical experience from all the Vela brands, the new VelaShape III system is equipped with a multitude of new features designed to significantly reduce the number of treatments, eliminate non-responders, and anticipate reproducible results. With more than double the radiofrequency power, the industry’s first Smart RF™, and a complete range of new tip configurations for treating various body areas, it has been packaged in a lighter, sleek design with a highly optimised and user-friendly interface.

The VelaShape III platform is poised to be the next body shaping powerhouse. Painless and fast acting, VelaShape III is proven to be safe and highly effective. Dr Shimon Eckhouse, Chief Executive Officer of Syneron, said, ‘VelaShape has been the flagship product in the history of Syneron. We wanted to design a platform that not only looks like it belongs in the future, but that delivers clear cut outcomes and that push the body shaping category to the next level by enabling faster, more effective body shaping capabilities.’

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According to New York City dermatologist Lori Brightman, ‘During the clinical trials, I found that I reached the endpoint treatment much quicker, which allowed me to spend more time in sustaining the temperature longer to achieve maximum results. Even with the higher energy the treatment was still very comfortable for our patients with no downtime.

‘The most important features in a body shaping device are reproducible results, safety, and patient satisfaction which is why VelaShape III is a reliable part of my body shaping armamentarium,’ she continued.

‘The launch of the VelaShape III marks yet another milestone in the evolution of one of the most widely accepted and successful non‑invasive body shaping technologies. I participated in the pre-market evaluation of this new device for its FDA clearance, and found that almost all of our patients experienced measurable reduction in abdominal circumference, and more than half had at least a 2 cm reduction by week 10. The increased power of the VelaShape III and the ergonomic changes in design have increased both the efficiency of the treatments and the ease of operator use,’ said Alan Gold, MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon in Great Neck, NY, past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and past President of the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation.

‘The treatments are quite comfortable for the patient, and the shortened treatment protocol is appreciated by both patients and the operator. While happy patients are, of course, our primary goal, from a practical business perspective, the ability to achieve the clinical endpoint more quickly and efficiently with less operator fatigue may permit greater treatment numbers, an accelerated return on investment (ROI), and greater profitability,’ continued Gold.

Jason Pozner, a plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, FL, concurs, ‘The VelaShape III is a hotter device. The radiofrequency has more power of up to 150 W, so it works better and heats up tissue much quicker, yet it’s comfortable for patients. The novel Smart RF feature allows for minimal non-responders and 100% efficacy.’

Benefits of pulse stacking

With the VelaShape III system, there is a new advanced stacking mode clinical protocol that has been developed to optimise treatment of local fat deposits.

According to Konika Patel, MD, VP Global Clinical Training, Syneron Medical, ‘VelaShape III is extremely well-designed with both power and intelligence. The device has 150 Watts of power and a revolutionary Smart RF™. During the entire course of the treatment the impedance of the skin is measured every millisecond allowing for consistent and deep delivery of heat to tissue in all patients, regardless of individual skin properties. Science has long proven that heating the tissue to sufficient temperatures and sustaining temperature over a longer period of time results in cellular metabolism, oxygen diffusion, and collagen formation that give patients the desired body shaping and skin texture improvements that they seek. In our clinical trials we have been able to sustain deep heat for all patients without compromising patient safety or comfort.’

She continues, ‘Our protocol, which is based upon pulse stacking, delivers deep heat and is very easy to follow, delivering an average reduction of 2.6 cm with many patients achieving even more in a single session. Physicians also have the option to choose the three-treatment protocol designed to deliver results in shorter treatment sessions over a series of three treatments visits, spaced 2 weeks apart.’

VelaShape also plays a role before and after traditional liposuction. According to Dr Patel, ‘Some surgeons are using VelaShape prior to liposuction and report smoother, more fluid movement of the cannula intraoperatively in addition to improved postoperative recoveries in their patients. Surgeons also report additional improvement of skin tone and texture following the results achieved with surgery.’