Clinical microneedling is an established treatment concept for the correction of structural damage of the skin in aesthetic medicine. For this purpose, amiea med is the perfect partner.

Clinical microneedling consists of the initialisation of self-regeneration, which leads to a reorganisation and reconstruction of the skin and repair of the altered tissue. The aim of treatment is to improve the appearance and functionality of the skin.

During clinical microneedling treatment, the epidermis is punctured and not ablated as with a laser. Therefore, epithelial function can be rebuilt within a very short time, decreasing the necessary downtime. The generated intra‑dermal bleeding initiates the wound healing cascade and stimulates collagen synthesis. The proliferation of the immigrating keratinocytes leads to a regeneration of the epidermis owing to regenerative wound healing. This results in scar-free tissue with a merged collagen structure and thicker epidermis.


The medical device Revive mn was designed with an aim for quality, precision and power. They can activate the needles at a high rate (50–150 hits/second), which is indispensable for introducing particles and substances into the dermal layer without tearing off the epidermis. Stand-alone handpieces, like those used for other automated microneedling methods, have an integrated motor. These products do not have the strength to penetrate the dermis with minimal trauma, which results in a longer convalescence.


amiea med offers the appropriate needle for each of the different treatment options. Therefore, there are three needle configurations available:

Stomach scar (A) before treatment, and (B) 7 weeks after the second treatment. Images courtesy of Peter Scharff, MD, Berlin

Stomach scar (A) before treatment, and (B) 7 weeks after the second treatment. Images courtesy of Peter Scharff, MD, Berlin

  • 1-liner for hard and static scar tissue
  • 3-liner for softer scar tissue
  • 6-point needle plate for acne and burn scars or facial expression lines and wrinkles.

The small, tilting needle plate of the 6-point needle plate cartridge contains tiny metal needles. It adapts perfectly to the skin’s surface and thus facilitates access to difficult areas. The needles perforate the skin only for an instant and the epidermis between punctures remains unharmed.

The cartridges have a small reservoir which can be filled with a substance to bring it directly into the dermis, to support collagen synthesis and to hydrate the skin.

The needle length is adjustable by 0–2mm; the maximum length depends on the cartridge type.


The Revive HAP topical serum is used with the microneedling process for optimal results. This guarantees the highest standards of quality, safety and dermatological compatibility. The combination of hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, peptides, and amino acids ensures long-lasting results.

The advantages for the patient are obvious:

  • Redness fades shortly after treatment
  • Very low risk of infection owing to the rapid closure of the puncture
  • Negligible undesirable side-effects
  • Minimal convalescence
  • Long-lasting results.


amiea med clinical microneedling products can be used for a number of dermatological and aesthetic conditions:

  • Scar revision
  • Revision of hypertrophic scars, acne scars, and burn scars
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Facial expressions lines
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Minimisation of pores
  • |Improvement of stretch marks.