Augmenting male jaw line and chin

The augmentation of the male jaw and chin is performed preferably with a product with the maximum G prime, such as calcium hydroxylapatite. The filler is placed along the jaw line using either a sharp needle or blunt cannula to create a subdermal thread of filler. Augmentation of the mandibular angle adds particular value to masculinity, and should therefore not be neglected. Chin augmentation is performed by submuscular injection of the filler to create a heavier, preferably more rectangular, and prominent chin. Therefore, it is performed through two lateral injection points under the body of the mentalis muscle.


There are biological reasons for human attractiveness. Despite the fact that most of the author’s patients are not familiar with the science behind the beauty, they will all usually agree with what is beautiful and what is not.  By following and respecting the basic universal concepts of beauty while performing cosmetic procedures, physicians can provide better cosmetic results for their patients.