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Time to wave goodbye to the charlatans

The state of the science of injectable products such as soft tissue fillers and neurotoxins is often a bone of contention in the post-PIP, post-Keogh world of cosmetic surgery. Throughout Europe,...

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Mas sentenced, but what now?

Two days ago, Jean-Claude Mas, founder of the notorious Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) breast implants, was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and a €75,000 fine*, with four former PIP exectuives...

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Learning from experience: Europe puts its house in order

Crisis management it may be, but the EU is working hard in the wake of the PIP scandal to get its house in order as far as cosmetic surgery regulation and standard-setting are concerned. Opinion is divided as to the best course to take, but the consensus now is that the opportunity to establish a regulatory basis must not be missed. Ashley Yeo reports

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US and UK cosmetic procedure volumes maintain buoyancy

Breast implants have been the focus of much attention recently, mainly for the wrong reasons. But confidence in the market remains high, as 2011 procedure volumes in the UK and US show. The UK’s BAAPS president‑elect, Rajiv Grover, and the US ASPS president, Malcolm Roth, give their views on general business trends to Ashley Yeo

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