SkinCeuticals have unveiled the latest addition to their ‘Correct’ portfolio –Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 – a unique anti-aging lipid replenishment cream to address the specific challenges of accelerated aging and skin barrier repair. Triple Lipid Restore is the first and only cosmeceutical product to combine a proprietary ratio of lipids in a maximised concentration of 2% ceramides, 4% cholesterol and 2% omega-fatty acids, which play key roles in the repair of both aged and dry skin.[i] The culmination of two years of SkinCeuticals clinical research and R&D, this specialised ingredient combination is designed to correct and nourish skin, by replenishing the essential skin lipid ratio, as well as restoring natural hydration and skin barrier function. The result: skin has a comfortably-replenished fullness, with a healthy radiance, suppleness, and youthful smoothness.

The First Cholesterol-Dominant Lipid Correction Cream: As we age, lipid secretion to the stratum corneum and metabolic rate naturally declines, impacting barrier function and repair cycles and leading to signs of accelerated aging such as drier skin, tightness, loss of firmness, rough texture and loss of radiance. Lipidomic studies have identified the optimal lipid ratios required for barrier repair, which are different for aged skin (which is cholesterol-deficient) versus dry skin (which lacks ceramide 1), but these were difficult to stabilise in a topical form. Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is the first product to effectively harness the power of potent lipid combinations, with a 4% cholesterol-dominant ratio – specifically for aging skin – alongside a 2% concentration of both ceramides and fatty acids. Delivered in a lightweight and fast-absorbing texture, this supple cream is proven to stimulate lipid replenishment, barrier protection, hydration and repair in aging or dry skin.


“For me, Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 delivers a truly innovative and effective daily skincare solution for patients who want accelerated skin barrier recovery and improved skin health, not just to fight wrinkles,” says Dr Tapan Patel, Medical Director of PHI Clinic. “Because aged or dry skin can be fragile, Triple Lipid is also the ideal partner for aesthetic treatments which disrupt the skin barrier –
such as peels, retinoids, and volumising or resurfacing treatments – for both pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment recovery and repair.”


Immediate Results with Long-Term Benefits: The difference can be felt from the first application, with data showing a significant 40% improvement in skin texture and smoothness and 18% improvement in pore appearance.[ii] An 8-week clinical study demonstrated statistically significant improvements in the key signs of accelerated aging, such as skin clarity, evenness, radiance, smoothness, laxity, and pore appearance (p<0.05).2 Triple Lipid Restore is proven to:

  1. Refill Essential Skin Lipids – more than doubled levels of ceramides (57%) and cholesterol (52%), and increased triglycerides by 13% after 8 weeks
  2. Restore External Barrier– 39% improvement in hydration after just 24 hours, with 8x faster barrier recovery following tape stripping on treated versus untreated site
  3. Support Natural Repair– 2x increase in mature versus immature corneoctyes (stratum corneum cells), signifying improved barrier quality and reduced susceptibility to external aggressors


Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 – Key Ingredients

4% Natural Cholesterol:

  • Isolated from naturally-occurring wool wax, stabilizes the structure of the stratum corneum, especially with respect to temperature changes[iii]
  • Supports improved skin elasticity by providing a degree of fluidity to an otherwise rigid membrane system[iv]
  • Proven to accelerate barrier recovery in aging skin to promote restoration of healthy skin function and self-repair4

2% Ceramides 1 & 3

  • o   Skin-identical ceramides, possessing the same configuration as those in human skin and unprecedented concentration of ceramide-1
  • o   Ceramide 1 and 3 work synergistically to restore barrier function and nourishment levels faster than either ceramide alone[v]

2% Fatty Acids

  • Generated by molecular distillation of sunflower seed oil, high in linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic acid (omega-9) in the form of triglycerides to support overall lipid production