Introducing the new Divine Pro platform from Lumenis, for effective facial rejuvenation in a compact, desktop design 

A wide variety of non-surgical, non-invasive technologies is used today for skin rejuvenation, aiming at improving the appearance of facial wrinkles, acne scars, and skin imperfections. These technologies are based on a thermal process leading to dermal collagen remodeling. Among these technologies, one may find non-ablative lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL), and radiofrequency (RF), such as bi-polar and TriPollar. Other technologies used in skin resurfacing procedures include ablative resurfacing CO2 lasers and Erbium:YAG.

Figure 1 H7X7 with medium intensity parameters. Epidermal ablation and superficial dermal volumetric heating

Skin resurfacing procedures are often associated with significant downtime and a relatively high risk of side-effects, especially on dark and Asian skin types. This creates a growing demand for procedures that deliver visible clinical improvement with reduced downtime and lower risks. This demand led to the development of a new generation of devices, including fractional RF systems that use controlled fractional skin resurfacing by employing a matrix of miniature RF electrodes placed in contact with the skin surface.

Devices employing minimally invasive Bi-polar RF electrodes (micro-needles or pins) were also introduced into the market and gained success in the minimally invasive treatment of wrinkles and skin laxity. However, it is only the third generation of fractional RF systems that can truly provide a high safety profile and visible clinical results with minimal downtime, no need for anesthesia, and minimal risk of side-effects and complications.

Pollogen RFF fractional technologies

Figure 2 The Divine Pro platform

The desired effect is achieved by using a unique tip, designed with ‘RF-First’ fractional technology, featuring RF emitting electrodes that create micro-channels in the skin. These channels are created before the microneedles or the pins penetrate the skin, allowing for a gentle penetration to the tissue without the use of mechanical force. This unique penetration mode is offered by the technologies used in Pollogen’s Divine Pro platform. Its fractional technologies — RFF Microneedling and RFF Resurfacing — offer controlled ablation and coagulation of the skin layers. By applying RF and pinpoint ablation with controlled volumetric heating, skin resurfacing and neocollagenesis are achieved via the wound healing process, resulting in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and skin texture improvement. The RF-First fractional procedures activate the body’s natural healing processes, encouraging the generation of new and healthy skin, as well as the production of collagen and elastin which leads to the improvement of skin laxity and texture.

RFF resurfacing technology

Pollogen’s unique RFF smart tip design enables an even distribution of RF energy that flows between the needles and the tip surface, thus reducing pain and ensuring a homogeneous treatment. In a histopathological examination performed by Dr. Andrea Gat, Head of Dermatopathology Unit at Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, it has been shown that treatment with Pollogen’s smart RFF Resurfacing tip caused superficial damage to the skin tissue, which was noted in the histology slides as focal necrosis of the epidermis with an additional effect of volumetric heating in the upper dermis. This volumetric heating enhances the wound healing process and improves the skin regeneration with an effect of up to 0.25 mm in the dermal layer.

Figure 3 Acne scars resurfacing & skin texture improvement (A). 3 weeks after 1st treatment with RFF Resurfacing tip (B)
Courtesy of Yasemin Saray M.D., Turkey

These tests and additional clinical experience with Divine Pro, together with field experience of practitioners and patients, prove its superiority among existing resurfacing treatments. Patients attest to the fact that treatment with Divine Pro is virtually painless. Thanks to its low pain profile Divine Pro’s RFF Resurfacing tip offers excellent coverage and allows for the simultaneous activation of its 49 pins. In addition, the device provides effective and uniform ablation in a focused and controlled manner, without applying mechanical force or aggressively damaging the tissue. Unlike treatment with laser and IPL devices, Divine Pro is ‘colour blind’, offering a solution to a large variety of patients and their personal needs, without the risk of side-effects like Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

The ‘RF-First Resurfacing’ technology offers users a wide scope of treatment possibilities for rejuvenation of damaged skin, refinement of skin texture, improvement in acne scars, and other skin concerns.

‘Divine Pro allows me to offer great solutions for patients who wish to refresh their skin and treat visible imperfections like acne scars, enlarged pores and fine lines.’ Says Dr. Alex Levenberg. Dr. Levenberg has been using the variety of technologies in the Divine Pro platform to create specific solutions to his patients.

‘The fact that the technology is comfortable and virtually painless for the patient allows me to offer solutions even on hard-to-treat areas,’ Levenberg explains. ‘I can create treatment plans with a series of sessions to achieve the beautiful results that my patients want, and they find it easy to commit to these plans because they involve no pain or downtime.’

Pollogen’s Divine Pro platform

Divine Pro was designed as a facial treatment platform to allow practitioners all the treatment benefits of a ‘big box’ device in a compact, desktop system. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for effective facial rejuvenation that can be personalized to each patient needs. The platform is comprised of 4 clinically-proven technologies: TriPollar, DMA, RFF Microneedling and RFF Resurfacing. It provides numerous treatment combinations for encouraging and enhancing the body’s own rejuvenation processes in order to achieve smoother, tighter skin, improved facial contouring and refreshed complexion. All this is achieved in a safe and comfortable manner, with immediate results and minimal pain and downtime.