The results of a 150-day consumer experience test with SeroVital Hair Regeneres of 30 men and women has been released with before and after photos and testimonials about their experience; the two-part hair-renewal system is scheduled to launch to the public on July 9, 2018.

One of the participants who had been suffering from age-related hair thinning grew an entire patch of hair on her balding temple area (Subject 1 below).

Hair Regeneres is the only formula in North America licensed to include Chromaviv™, an exclusive compound rich in melanin and keratin that fortifies hair and restores its natural color, strength, and luster. This brand new, science-based hair-renewal system will be available to the public for $99.00 for a 30-day supply (or $79.20 a month as part of an autoship program) at and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For the consumer test, a group of 30 participants who complained of thinning, aging, and graying hair used the Hair Regeneres two-step system for 150 days. Photos were taken at day 1 and then again at 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 days to show hair improvements. None of the photos were edited or retouched in any way. The before and after photos of many participants show regrowth of hair on thinning areas, and reduced hair graying. Many in the group saw regrowth of their natural, vibrant hair color.

In a separate 90-day, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on one of the key ingredients in the Hair Renewal Softgels, subjects saw significant improvements in age-related hair loss, hair tensile strength, hair appearance, reduced hair fall, increased growth of existing hair, and reduced breakage. In fact, 95.8% of subjects saw an overall improvement in the appearance of their hair. Subjects also experienced less shedding, hair fall, and breakage, as well as improved growth of existing hair.

In a study on the exclusive Chromaviv compound, 87% of subjects noticed improved hair volume and agreed their hair was less gray. In addition, 94% of subjects surveyed rated the efficacy of this compound as “good” to “excellent.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with the results the participants in our before and after group are seeing, and with the research that backs the key ingredients in both formulas in our two-part system,” said Dr. Amy Heaton, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Affairs for SeroVital.

Specific cases in the consumer experience test include:

SUBJECT 1: “Over the past few years, gobs and gobs of my hair fell out every day. My temples were receding to the point of my friends saying, ‘Your hair is really thinning.’ I was shocked to see that in only 30 days, an entire bald patch filled in and continues to grow. I’m blown away.” – Alyson D., age 54, day 1 and day 30

SUBJECT 2: “I feel like I’m turning back the clock. I had a fair amount of gray hair that was making me feel older. This has reversed it; I barely see it anymore.” – Doreen S., age 49, day 1 and day 90











SeroVital Hair Regeneres is a sister brand of the sensational SeroVital-hgh anti-aging formula and is being brought to market by cosmeceutical innovator SanMedica International, LLC, a company known for its science-backed life-enhancement formulas.

About: SeroVital-hgh quickly became America’s #1 hGH-boosting beauty supplement. The company has now expanded to include a line of powerful anti-aging solutions, including its latest breakthro

ugh, Hair Regeneres. Manufactured and distributed for SanMedica International, LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Due to hair loss associated with aging.