80-90% of women have cellulite¹, therefore it is not surprising that the demand for treatment with proven results is huge. In fact, it has now been reported that the Cellulite Treatment Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 2.0 Billion by 2024.²

From the inventors of SmartLipo that changed the laser body contouring industry, comes ONDA (Italian for ‘wave’). 25 years of expertise and research has resulted in a targeted Coolwaves™ system distributed by the UK’s Lynton Lasers that delivers microwave energy like no other system. ONDA is set to revolutionise the treatment of cellulite, with results that are impressive and long lasting. The system treats cellulite faster and more effectively than any other non-surgical option on the market.

In a recent study in the Journal of Plastic and Pathology Dermatology³,

  • 100% of participants saw an improvement on their Cellulite Severity Score, with 85% reporting significant improvement.
  • The number and depth of skin depressions was also significantly reduced in 100% of participants.
  • The average score on the Cellulite Severity Index dropped from 9.2 (moderate to severe cellulite) before treatment to 4.2 (mild cellulite) after a course of four Onda treatments.
  • 100% of participants also saw an improvement in skin laxity following treatment.

How does it work?

Onda harnesses smart Coolwaves™ technology; this non-invasive treatment regenerates, reduces and remodels by targeting cellulite, localised fat pockets and skin laxity in a safe and effective way. Onda’s coolwaves™ technology has been proven to cause the death of fat cells, allowing complete removal of the cell by the body as part of a natural process.

The unique Coolwaves™ technology is designed to bypass the uppers layers of skin, and in doing so deliver more energy to the subcutaneous fat cells. This technology increases the chances of causing the fat cell to be destroyed. The other big advantage of this technology is that it reduces heating of the surface tissue resulting in a safe treatment.

The Onda system works in three different ways to achieve fantastic body contouring results:

It’s effective on the body, in particular the, abdomen and thighs, whilst eliminating fat cells, it also stimulates cellular metabolic processes and collagen production, reshaping the silhouette.

  1. It penetrates deep, demolishing the cell membranes of fat cells to dissolve localized fat deposits.
  2. It stimulates the connective tissue surrounding the fat lobules of the cellulite, diminishing the “orange peel”effect.
  3. It causes the collagen fibres contraction in the dermis, stimulating production of new collagen, thereby tightening and toning the tissue.


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