AestheticSource announce the launch of the NEW skinbetter science® Solo Hydrating Defense™ for Men…

This clinically proven, once-daily skincare treatment has been developed and formulated specifically for men to meet their skin, mindset and lifestyle requirements. Formulated with the innovative WEL by skinbetter science® patented technology, NEW Solo Hydrating Defense™ provides comprehensive, scientifically advanced antioxidant protection to prevent the signs of ageing as a result of environmental stressors for male skin.

Unique needs of men’s skin…

Routine shaving can cause skin irritation and redness and may leave skin dry and flaky. Men’s skin is more sensitive to environmental stressors and transepidermal water loss tends to start earlier in men. In addition, sebaceous glands are larger and more abundant, resulting in oilier skin and more visible pores.

  • Early transepidermal water loss
  • Increased sebum production and large, visible pores
  • More susceptible to environmental stresses
  • More prone to irritation and redness

5-in-1 Solution scientifically designed to address the needs of men’s skin

1. Patented, comprehensive, scientifically advanced antioxidant protection.
2. Potent treatment designed to address UV radiation, blue light and pollution-induced oxidative stress.
3. Hydrating, calming, lightweight formulation.
4. Fast, visible results, clinically evaluated in a variety of skin tones and types.
5. Meaningfully reduces skin surface sebum levels.

This effective skin treatment has been designed for male skin to address UV radiation, IR, blue light and pollution-induced oxidative stress, whilst hydrating and calming to provide a healthy-looking appearance. 

  • Hydrates skin & improves skin barrier – Supports skin hydration and enhances skin barrier protection.
  • Reduces redness – Soothes skin and visibly reduces redness.
  • Oil Control – Improves the appearance and look of skin.        
  • Advanced Antioxidant Protection – Reduces the visible signs of photo-ageing, provides synergistic antioxidant defence against the harmful effects of UV, Blue Light and IR wavelengths and improves skin brightness.
  • Anti-Pollution – Provides defence from environmental pollutants.

What men want

Men look for ‘all-in-one’ products that offer multiple benefits. They want products that are highly effective and also easy to use. Mintel research shows 86% of US men preferred to keep their daily grooming routine as simple as possible. Men expect their products to meet the specific needs of ‘male’ skin and look for a rapid result to reinforce that the product is working. They also require barrier enhancing products.


The Solo Hydrating Defense™ has a simplified approach and should be applied once or twice daily to a clean, dry face. Can also be applied post shave to soothe irritated skin.

I’m impressed with the results of the NEW skinbetter science® Solo Hydrating DefenseTM for men. It’s a truly 5-in-1 skin solution to specifically address UV radiation, IR, blue light, and pollution-induced oxidative stress, whilst calming and hydrating the skin.

Dr Raph, The Marlowe Clinic

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