SkinCeuticals announces the arrival of Discoloration Defense Serum; a new multi-phase treatment targeting visible discolouration, clinically proven to deliver a brighter, more even skin tone.

Discoloration Defense Serum is formulated to address pigmentation triggered by inflammatory processes in the skin such as melasma triggered by hormonal changes and acne-scarring.

Discoloration Defense Serum contains 1.8% Tranexamic acid, 5% Niacinamide, and 5% HEPES;
an optimised formula of anti-discolouration ingredients working in synergy to reduce uneven skin tone and appearance of discolouration in as early as two weeks. Hero ingredient Tranexamic acid minimises the reoccurrence of discolouration and stubborn brown patches thus breaking the cycle of discolouration with continued use.

In a 12-week study, twice-daily application of Discoloration Defense Serum demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in the appearance of post-inflammatory discolouration and uneven skin tone including 41% average reduction in the appearance of melasma.

Dr Alexis Granite, a consultant dermatologist practising at the Cadogan Clinic and Mallucci London, says “Discoloration Defense Serum is an innovative daily treatment clinically proven to reduce the appearance of visible discolouration including hard-to-treat forms such as stubborn brown patches and post-inflammatory discolouration, in just 14 days. In clinic I use the serum as a complement to professional discolouration treatments, such as chemical peels.  I also recommend Discoloration Defense Serum for daily home use by patients whom wish to break the pigmentation cycle and take a long-term approach to the care of their skin to provide a clearer, more revitalised complexion.”

Use: Discoloration Defense Serum should be applied twice daily with the morning application followed by a broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen.  It can be layered with other products such as Phloretin CF and Metacell Renewal B3.  Sun exposure should be limited whilst using the serum.

For further information about Discoloration Defense Serum and how to order, email: [email protected]