Dexlevo unveil GOURI to address the rising need for fundamental anti-ageing skin care in the injectable market 

ARTURO  VELA. MD, PhD, is a Dermatologist, specialised in facial lines reduction and facial fillers, along with the latest techniques for face and body contouring; Mexico

Non or minimally invasive procedures are currently all the rage in aesthetic medicine because people prefer smaller, more ‘natural’ looking changes to find their own beauty. Plus, compared to surgical cosmetic procedures, they are much easier, less painful, and a lot safer.

Our patients desire remarkable changes through the volumising effects of fillers and, therefore, a lot of volumising fillers have sprung up on the market. However, a new trend has emerged. Nowadays, more and more people are longing for ‘naturalness’ and fundamental anti-ageing care in the aesthetic medicine field. However, there hasn’t been a suitable product to meet those booming needs, because the existing market is focused on filling wrinkles, volumising, and temporary improvements. 

However, through stimulating collagen synthesis, we can find a fundamental solution for skin-ageing. GOURI, the new generation of dermal injectable, can satisfy the unmet needs, the naturalness, and the fundamental anti-ageing goals through collagenases across the entire face.

Collagen and skin ageing

Most human organs are internal so we cannot directly witness what happens to them as we age. However, in regard to the skin, it’s a whole different story. The skin is the most visible external organ so it is quite obvious that the skin is considered a barometer of ageing. 

As the skin ages due to oxidative metabolism, the collagen inside of the skin gets degraded. At the same time, the collagen synthesis rate also decreases. As a result, dermal collagen levels are reduced. Collagen is the main component of the skin. Its main role is supporting our skin layer tightly, also holding HA to keep the skin moisturised. 

A lack of dermal collagen causes many irritating symptoms of skin-ageing. Both the epidermis and dermis get thinner. Also, skin tension, elasticity, and flexibility decrease. A lot of visible fine and deep wrinkles occur and our skin loses its recovery ability.

Boost collagen synthesis for fundamental anti-ageing care

However, existing dermal fillers are mainly focused on filling wrinkles or giving volume to a localised area.  

To those who long for naturalness and fundamental anti-ageing care, the above products are not suitable. Also, we cannot overlook the side-effects of existing fillers related to the micro-particles inside of them. 

GOURI’s distinctive features

Using CESABP technology, DEXLEVO’s patented technology, GOURI, restores the collagen synthesis that has decreased due to skin-ageing. As a result, the comprehensive condition of the skin is improved giving the look of a complete face ‘lift’. This is real fundamental anti-ageing. 

Unlike existing fillers, GOURI doesn’t have micro-particles inside it. It’s completely solubilised. As a result, GOURI spreads very easily to the surrounding areas. Plus, GOURI is suitable to use for both doctors and patients, because it stimulates collagen synthesis across the entire face from only 10 injection points. Also, it reduces side effects related to micro-particles, such as vascular compression and necrosis, granuloma formation, and skin discolouration. Furthermore, GOURI is very compatible with other aesthetic injectables like toxin and other skin boosters.

GOURI is a new type of injectable that overcomes many limitations that we have faced on the non-surgical medical aesthetic market for a long time.


Established in 2013, DexLevo (CEO: Yu-Je-Won) has manufactured polymer-based beauty aesthetic devices. DEXLEVO has a patent for  CESABP technology (Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilised Active and Biodegradable Polymer Technology) that enables the regeneration of natural skin collagen without the use of micro-particles.

GOURI obtained CE certification as a medical device in 2021 and plan to enter the European market in earnest from this year. Also, DEXLEVO obtained Korean GMP and ISO 13485.

In Korea, DEXLEVO have successfully completed Phase-1 clinical trials and the Phase-2 clinical trials are in progress for the KFDA approval in 2022.

CESABP technology

There are a lot of hyaluronic acid-based products on the market. However, hyaluronic acid is technically degradable in the human body in a few days. That is, the effects of the injection won’t last for a long time.

For this reason, some companies have made stronger hyaluronic acid dermal fillers by cross-linking the hyaluronic particles using BBDE or DVS. These cross-linked fillers are so concrete that they can survive for a long time. But, materials like BBDE or DVS can potentially be seen as hazardous.

To solve this problem, biocompatible and biodegradable polymer products were developed. The microparticles (the size of 20 to 50μm) of insolubilised polymer are dispersed in carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) gel or Glycerin liquid.

There are two types of polymer products commonly used in the market, poly-lactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCL). But, the size of these particles is so big that they sometimes get stuck in the needle. Also, there is a possibility of a blockage of veins. In addition, they should only be used on a localised area of skin since they do not spread easily.

Dexlevo developed a fully solubilised biocompatible and biodegradable PCL. This solubilised PCL spreads easily into the extensive part of the skin. So, it won’t be necessary to inject multiple points. After injection, this dermal filler forms an extensive 3D matrix that makes it possible to last for a long time without phagocytosis.

We call this technology CESABP (Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer) Technology.

GOURI is a new type of injectable based on the fully solubilized PCL (Polycaprolactones), which spread naturally into the surrounding area of skin. Spreading naturally, GOURI restores the collagen synthesis that has decreased due to skin-ageing. As a result, the comprehensive condition of the skin is improved with a lifting effect.


As the beauty market grows enormously, the needs and tastes of consumers become more diversified. In the meantime, more and more people long for the fundamental care of the effects of ageing on their skin. However, so far, there hasn’t been a suitable product to fit with their needs. Stimulating collagen synthesis is the solution for skin-ageing.

Using CESABP technology, DEXLEVO’s patented technology, GOURI restores the collagen synthesis that has decreased due to skin-ageing. As a result, the comprehensive condition of the skin is improved. Demand for this new product that satisfies this need is expected to increase remarkably.