In the digital age and in that of Instagram filters, IBSA Derma presents MYVolution®, a novel approach that meets new market needs, enhancing the authentic beauty we all possess. Increasingly younger women are moving from “feeling beautiful” to “feeling BeYOUtiful”, with the desire of enhancing their beauty while remaining who they are. During the current Virtual Congress, IBSA Derma illustrates to aesthetic doctors how, through the MYVolution® approach and Aliaxin® fillers, we can turn the digital image (2D) into our real one (3D), focusing on specific facial areas and using the correct amount of hyaluronic acid. Physicians wishing to attain increasingly specific and high-quality results and respond to highly sophisticated needs are finding an invaluable support in IBSA Derma innovation, as it meets the needs of an evolving market that is reaching out to younger generations.

“Our aim with this project was to do something innovative, extremely practical, straightforward and addressed to everyday practice. The idea is also to challenge the trend that is so very much recommended these days: massive filler implants based on hyaluronic acid,” to quote Doctor Riccardo Forte. “We, on the other hand, want to reach out to all those who wish to simplify processes while, at the same time, achieving good, if not excellent, results through a more accessible quantity of product and a minimally invasive profile. We therefore came up with something new, something that would take stock of market changes and of the past decade transformation in the sense of aesthetics: I, for one, belong to that generation that still used a mirror, whereas today, you use your smartphone’s camera to look at yourself”.

Filters are used to try and look your best, with millennials, and not just them, posting on Instagram* an average of 10 selfies every 10 seconds. But how is it possible to have your favourite digital image become reality? The innovative dermo-aesthetic approach of MYVolution® converts the 2D image into the real one (3D), unlocking your authentic beauty by restoring facial volumes thanks to hyaluronic acid.

“I think it is very important to understand why millennials have such as strong desire for a natural look. They want to appear themselves, they don’t want to look like someone else; all they strive for is a better version of themselves,” states Doctor Beatriz Molina.

Millennials are mainly influenced by social media for beauty treatments. The Aesthetic Journal had already underlined the interest for non-surgical procedures by new generations**, who are increasingly interested in professional treatments. Jama*** –

The Journal of American Medical Association – suggests that the use of social media and Photo Retouching applications could lead to even greater acceptance of beauty treatments.

M-Y-V: a letter for each facial shape

For patients seeking to show others the best version of themselves, MYVolution® approach offers the ideal solution. The first step consists in identifying the facial shape.

The analysis of the morphology of thousands of faces has led to the identification of 3 main facial shapes: triangular, round and rectangular. Each shape presents different areas of shadows and light, corresponding to specific areas as identified by 3 letters: M-Y-V. By modifying volumes in these areas, light and shadows become more defined.

MYVolution® enhances authentic beauty by using a minimum amount of hyaluronic acid, a quantity tailored to individual needs. According to IBSA Derma each one of us possesses authentic beauty and by working on facial volumes it becomes possible to further magnify it. Beauty is already there, it just waits to be revealed.

The MYVolution® App – technology-supported customised consultancy IBSA Derma provides physicians with the MYVolution® App, a practical and innovative tool that makes it possible to identify the shape of the patient’s face and link it to one of the three models described in the MYVolution® approach. Specially designed to enable the physician to better communicate with patients and involve them in the decision-making process, the MYVolution® App is remarkably user-friendly. All the doctor needs to do is to take a picture of the patient’s face, as indicated in the tutorial, for the Face Analyzer to recognize the MYVolution® shape, and proceed with a tailor-made consultation of the areas to be enhanced. The photo can also be saved on your device to evaluate results.

Aliaxin® a breakthrough technology

IBSA Derma presents Aliaxin®, a hyaluronic-acid based filler indicated for restoring volumes and redefining contours. The fundamental elements characterizing the Aliaxin® line are tissue integration, the multiple combinations of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, high cohesivity and the purity of the hyaluronic acid.

Aliaxin® line’s high cohesivity makes it possible to reduce trauma and structural tissue alterations and allows for more natural results****. There are three Aliaxin® products underlying the MYVolution® approach.

** Aesthetic Journal – News Special: Millennials & Aesthetic Treatment – May 2019. 98% of millennials would consider professional treatment at some point in their lives; millennials are more likely than others to consider beauty treatment if they wish to improve themselves.

*** Jama – Association Between the Use of Social Media and Photograph Editing Applications, Self-esteem, and Cosmetic Surgery Acceptance – June 2019.

**** V. Freli, P. Pescio: Evaluation of local tolerability and increase of elastic fibres and collagen following intracutaneous injection of three injectable fillers. Acta Biomed 2013; 84; Quaderno