Prestige Beauty Brand Introduces a Radical New Approach to Skin Health and Anti-Aging

i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare is the first and only product line that enables the safe removal of excess iron in the skin to prevent and reverse the signs of aging.

Founded by Dr. Xi Huang, one of the world’s foremost experts on the link between iron levels and health, i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare is the only skincare line that actually stops the oxidative process before it starts by disrupting the formation of iron-producing free radicals.

Building on over a century of research showing that excess iron in ferritin (the body’s iron-storage protein) is the root cause of free radical formation and skin damage, Dr. Xi found that iron overload caused by the cessation of menstruation during and after menopause contributes even further to biological skin aging and photoaging. Without menstruation, more iron remains in the skin. As skin is exposed to UV radiation, blue light, pollution or other irritants, iron is released from ferritin, at which time it oxidizes, resulting in the free radicals that create visible signs of skin aging such as yellowing, dullness, discoloration, and lines and wrinkles. This oxidation is similar to the rusting reaction that commonly occurs when iron (in its metal form) is exposed to oxygen and moisture.

“While iron is crucial for healthy physiological functions, in excess, it is extremely damaging,” said Dr. Xi. “During my research, we found that iron increases in the skin by 40 percent during and after menopause. This rise of iron storage on the surface of the skin leads to an acceleration of free radical production that—much like rust on metal—causes oxidative stress to the skin. Until now, antioxidants have been our best defense against this damage—but antioxidants can only attempt to fight oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals in the skin.”

Dr. Xi’s breakthrough studies ultimately led to the development of the i-On® brand’s patented, proprietary De-Ironizing Inducer (DII®) Technology, the foundation of i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare. DII® Technology removes iron from ferritin before it is converted to skin-aging free radicals—something no skincare technology or product has done before.

DII® Technology reduces iron to a form capable of exfoliation; releases the iron from ferritin and removes it before it can cause visible signs of aging; repairs previous past damage; and rebuilds collagen, clarity, elasticity, and tone to restore skin’s healthy appearance. During this process, vitamin C and naturally-sourced pearl powder act as reducing and clearing agents that release and neutralize the excess iron.

By actually removing excess iron from skin—virtually eliminating the formation of skin-aging free radicals that cause oxidative stress and visible signs of aging—DII® Technology works one step earlier than anything else on the market.

“DII® Technology is the most significant discovery since retinols in the 1980s,” said Joe Gubernick, lead advisor of i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare, former chief marketing officer of Estée Lauder and former senior vice president of R&D and corporate product innovation for the Estée Lauder brand. “I am proud to support Dr. Xi’s groundbreaking research and bring these effective innovations to market.”

The brand’s two premiere products, i-On® Age Disrupting Skin Cream ($125.00) and i-On® Age Disrupting Total Performance Eye Cream ($80.00) are available for purchase on

In a clinical trial, 100 percent of participants reported significant improvements after 42 days of use of i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare. 77 percent reported that fine lines and wrinkles had noticeably diminished in the eye area, and 84 percent reported the same for the mouth area.
i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare products contain highly active ingredients that are pH balanced and should not be used with vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin A (retinoic acid), or salicylic acids.
i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare is free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, silicones, dyes, mineral oils, DEA/MEA, BHA, gluten and GMOs.

The brand plans to expand with the introduction of a skin emulsion, face serum, cleanser and additional products in 2022.

To access Dr. Xi’s white paper, “Identifying the Most Effective Target Against Postmenopausal Skin Aging…And Introducing A First of Its Kind Treatment,” which includes clinical testing results, please visit:


Founded by Dr. Xi Huang, one of the world’s leading researchers on the correlation between iron levels and health, i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare is a groundbreaking beauty brand featuring proprietary age-disrupting technology stemming from over a century of research. After finding that iron overload caused by the cessation of menstruation after menopause is the key cause of skin aging and photoaging, Dr. Xi developed the cornerstone of i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare: De-Ironizing Inducer (DII®) Technology, which does what no other skincare product can do. It removes iron from ferritin before it is converted to skin-aging free radicals. For more information, visit or follow on social media @iOnSkincare.

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