Media placement isn’t something that magically just happens (we all wish!). It takes time, effort, and persistence to garner the right press for your brand. That’s why I’ve developed a five-point action plan to PR success. Follow these five tips and you’ll be on your way to earning wide-scale media attention.

Identify media targets

Every brand has a unique story. First, decide what story you want to tell. Then, determine the right media audience that would find that story interesting—and worth giving press to. Your campaign should target multiple media channels in order to make the maximum impact, these include national and regional magazines, trade publications, newspapers, broadcast outlets, and blogs.

Let editors at national magazines (like Men’s Health, Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire) know that you’ve got the perfect expert source for them to quote in their stories. Trade magazines are focused on what’s new in the marketplace, so when your client has a new procedure or product out, they’re the outlet to go to. Like national magazines, broadcast outlets look for credible expert sources to support their stories, but unlike magazines, an on-air outlet will give your brand face time on a wide-scale. Finally, blogs are also a great target. With hundreds of millions of blogs, there are millions more followers who look to bloggers for guidance on what to do and buy.

Plan strategic news dissemination

Media outlets won’t know that your client has a unique story unless you tell them. Catch their attention via a pitch or a press release, which can garner coverage in their outlet. Whether you go with a pitch or a release, you’ll need to outline five important points: the who, what, when, where, and why. Tell the story in an interesting, provocative or new way to set yourself apart from all of the hundreds of releases that land in an editor’s email every week. Ask yourself, ‘What would I be excited to read?’ And build your release around that. Focus on an announcement that ties into current news, is seasonal, debuts a groundbreaking treatment or technology, shares a key industry development (such as new staffers to the office, FDA approvals, clinical research, speaking engagements), or features a compelling patient story or trend. Make it exciting—and above all, new and fresh—and you’ll get the coverage that you’re looking for.

Organise media events

Face time—through media breakfasts, demos, or treatment offers—with editors helps you establish a relationship. If an editor knows you, he/she is more likely to read—and give consideration to—your pitch or press release. You’ll also be considered when they’re looking for an expert source to quote in their story. Never underestimate the power of making a one-on-one connection! They can also let you know what stories they are working on, allowing you to jump in and tell them how your brands could fit in with their angle.

Find ways to maximise impact

Media placements are to be celebrated. Blast placements via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blog, and patient eblasts—everyone should know how special your experts and their practice and products are. People remember when they see a doctor or expert quoted in the media and your client will be pleased when fellow members of the industry and patients let them know they saw a story they were quoted in, a national morning show they appeared on, or their photo in a magazine. For high impact placements like glossy magazines, frame the cover and quoted passage or mention of the practice and display it in the office.

Outsource to a professional

It’s often a misnomer that a practice can handle running the day-to-day business and setting up a strategic and effective marketing campaign. Implementing all the tactics above is a time consuming task; that’s why hiring a public relations firm and gaining their expertise is so critical to ensuring maximum coverage. You’ll be at the forefront of the media’s mind for stories. The PR professional can manage the entirety of the process, from interviewing to following up and fact checking, ensuring the process runs smoothly. You’ll earn the media results you’re looking for and be able to grow your business in the local and national spotlight.