Radiofrequency (RF) devices make up a huge part of the aesthetic industry and surgical industry, and being worth $2.9 billion, this is a sector that certainly has great market potential. It is not surprising then, that one of the industry’s key players — Ellman International, Inc. — recently launched a multi-stage plan for growth, with the acquisition of Sandstone Medical Technologies, making the parent company the only company worldwide to offer all energy-based treatments for surgical and aesthetic indications: RF (for both surgical and aesthetic indications), lasers, and intense pulsed light (IPL).

Already a global leader in advanced RF technology for surgical and aesthetic procedures, PRIME was keen to find out what this acquisition means for Ellman International, and what the thoughts of its CEO, Frank D’Amelio, are on the industry as a whole.

Acquisitions and mergers

Having joined Ellman International in 2010 as Executive Vice President (he became CEO earlier this year), Mr D’Amelio has almost 30 years worth of experience in the medical device industry, and over this time, has amassed experience working in multiple departments within a company (and some 35 patents to boot). In this way, he says, he has a great appreciation for the science and working with physicians in the development of new products and devices.

‘Talking to physicians and understanding the market really paid off,’ he says. ‘Ellman International is a company that is over 50 years old, so having that relationship with physicians — listening, talking and understanding what they need — is paramount to our business. On the aesthetic side we’re focused on the high quality, value proposition, and we’ve found that there has been an underserved need in this area. So through smart engineering, clinical testing and market research, we’ve been able to offer great value to our physicians.’

[pull_quote align=”right” ]Radiofrequency devices make up a huge part of the aesthetic industry; a segment worth $2.9 billion .[/pull_quote]

And it is through the acquisition of Sandstone Medical Technologies that Ellman International can further enhance their product portfolio and successful relationship with health professionals.

‘Sandstone is a great company with a great reputation for selling lasers, but what they needed was a bigger sales engine, and that’s what we could offer,’ explains Mr D’Amelio.

‘We like what they have, as well as their proven products and approach. I’ve been involved in seven mergers and acquisitions, but we did this differently.’

Mr D’Amelio explained that only 4 days after closing the deal, the entire sales force had been trained on the new laser and IPL products acquired as part of the acquisition. And then only a few days later, the sales force made their first Sandstone laser sale — an impressive feat by anyone’s standards.