With the launch of the ‘Re-Jeuveau-Nation’ marketing campaign and several promising injectables heading to market, Evolus is taking the aesthetic world by storm one market at a time. Wendy Lewis takes a closer look.

Evolus is re-inventing aesthetics. The company is uniquely positioned as the first cash-pay, aesthetics-only injectable company, and as such, they have created their own lane: ‘performance beauty’.

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2019 to smooth glabellar lines, Evolus’ flagship product, Jeuveau (pronounced: Jū vō), is an aesthetic-only neuromodulator. The company won’t seek any medical or therapeutic indications for Jeuveau as others in the neuromodulator space have, allowing for greater focus on aesthetic customer needs, and avoiding third-party payer reimbursement complications.

Their leadership has one overarching goal: to make people look younger, more rested, and fresher by smoothing those pesky and often pronounced 11s. The beauty-only biz targeted millennial women first, and now they are moving on to capture other high-yield demographics. The US team has also rolled out a new campaign with a focus around the tagline ‘You See Me’. It’s fun and fresh, reflecting a more millennial-ish approach, which is their sweet spot.[1]

“Evolus is building a community around reimagined performance beauty through science, artistry, and boundless curiosity. We are bold, fearless, and unapologetically ourselves, always alive to possibility,” Michael Poe, Evolus VP of Creative. “That’s one of the reasons we recently revamped our Jeuveau® branding to represent a youthful, toned, and vibrant aesthetic that inspires consumers including the fast-growing millennial and Generation X sector.”

This unique aesthetics-only niche also allows for creative advertising, including co-branding with injectors who use Jeuveau. The more toxin a US-based injector purchases from the Evolus app, the more advertising they earn from the company.

The Evolus stand at FACE London 2023.

Neurotoxins are the second largest segment of the fast-growing $17B global medical aesthetics market.[1] According to their site, ‘over 1 million frown-line-free faces have been treated since 2019’ and Evolus has been the fastest-growing neurotoxin in the U.S. aesthetic market for two consecutive years.[2]

Evolus is now poised to enter the filler space thanks to a recent agreement with French company Symatese. Evolus will be the exclusive U.S. distributor of five unique hyaluronic acid (HA)-based dermal fillers currently in late-stage development: the Evolysse line.[3]

The company plans to introduce the first two indications in the U.S. in the first half of 2025, followed by a third in 2026 and two more in 2027, expanding their market by 70%.[4]

“What I have read and heard about the innovative HA products by Symatese is quite interesting with science based on changes made in manufacturing that result in product improvement that could translate to both increased longevity and the reduction of late adverse events,” says Steven Fagien, MD, a cosmetic oculoplastic surgeon in Boca Raton, FL. “I am happy that these fillers have landed with Evolus, a company known for shaking up the landscape with innovation. With their tremendous success with Jeuveau®, I am excited to see these new products when they become available in the near future.”

The Evolus stand at FACE London 2023.

Next on the horizon is an “extra-strength” formulation of Jeuveau, which places double the number of units in the skin – 40 instead 20 – for a longer-lasting result and a more robust outcome, the company reports.[1] Interim data from a Phase II study of extra-strength Jeuveau showed effects lasting 26 weeks, representing prolonged 6-month performance, compared to 21 weeks in the control arms, across several metrics, including the time it takes for patients to return to their baseline Glabellar Line Scale (GLS) score after their treatment, time back to baseline for patients with a response of none or mild on the GLS, and the duration of effect of at least a one-point GLS improvement.[2] There was also a favorable safety profile seen with extra-strength Jeuveau, with 88% of all adverse events reported as mild and no serious adverse events.

Full results from this Phase 2 study are expected to be presented at a medical meeting in the fourth quarter of 2023. Stay tuned.

David Moatazedi, Evolus CEO, explains. “At Evolus, we stand by the science of precision, the artistry of injection technique, and believe that our relationships with customers comes first. We know consumers are looking for beauty brands that deliver high patient satisfaction while reflecting their evolving aspirations. Patient delight and loyalty is based on delivering excellent product performance with the skill of the injector. It’s this combination that has made Jeuveau® the fastest-growing neurotoxin in the U.S. for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. We are pleased to introduce this winning combination to customers in Europe. There was also a favorable safety profile, with 88% of all adverse events reported as mild and no serious adverse events.”

Evolus also launched Nuceiva (prabotulinumtoxinA) in Germany and Austria after a very successful rollout in Great Britain. They are planning for a launch in Australia, where Nuceiva already has marketing approval. The company is now commercializing NUCEIVA® in Italy through a partnership with GP Dermal Solution.

By all accounts, Evolus is on track for a bright future.

Evolus UK team introduces Nuceiva® to UK healthcare professionals at FACE congress in London, UK.

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