New Elite Business Program Designed for Aesthetic Physicians to Improve Management Skills

Informa Markets Medical Aesthetics today announced the launch of a new educational program in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) called Entrepreneurial Strategy for Aesthetic Physicians. The custom program is designed for new and established physicians to help them develop an innovative mindset and steer their medical aesthetic businesses to success. The program fills a gap in business education and includes 4-5 weeks of online education taught by Stanford faculty and an optional in-person day of learning.

The medical aesthetics profession primarily consists of independent physicians who own and run their own practices. Informa Markets Medical Aesthetics’ goal is to enable these physicians to incorporate sophisticated business acumen into their medical practice and develop a mindset that will enable them to naturally embrace and pursue innovation. With the launch of the first of two education modules this July, the program gives private practitioners access to Stanford faculty knowledge and experience in innovation and entrepreneurship and helps them develop business and management skills to grow their practice and bring innovative products and techniques to market faster.

Informa Markets Medical Aesthetics connects physicians with the latest scientific innovations and medical techniques and technologies at in-person platforms around the world and through virtual opportunities for scientific research and education, collaboration, and connection. Through decades of involvement with medical aesthetics professionals in the U.S. and beyond, the Informa team discovered that many physicians come to their trade shows and virtual events eager to explore the latest medical science techniques and innovations, often with cutting-edge ideas of their own, but without the knowledge or skills to successfully incorporate their ideas into their practice.  

“There is no time for business education in medical school, but business skills are essential for most private practice physicians,” said Eileen Baird, Group Business Director, North American Medical Aesthetics Group at Informa Markets. “In our work with the medical aesthetics community around the globe, we see many leave medical school and open a practice without the knowledge or skills to manage a business and bring their ideas to fruition. This community is incredibly innovative, but they face challenges in planning and executing their ideas. We hope to fill that void by bringing high-level, essential business and entrepreneurship skills to medical aesthetics private practice.”

Entrepreneurial Strategy for Aesthetic Physicians focuses on four key areas of competency: demystifying principles of innovation to develop breakthrough solutions; understanding a systematic approach to successful entrepreneurship; moving business plans from conception through to execution; and leading a high-performing team. The program poses the question: What if doctors brought medical advancements to market like entrepreneurs?

From driving new ideas through design thinking, creating a credible value proposition, leading a team effectively, bringing new products to market quickly, and navigating investment strategies, this program aims to help foster a thriving culture of leadership, innovation and financial savvy so medical professionals can systematically and nimbly develop their practice, implement medical innovations, and set a new standard for business education in medicine. To learn more about the program, and to register for the upcoming course please visit