Galderma have unveiled results from an innovative open-label post-marketing study which assessed both patient and partner satisfaction following lip enhancement treatment with Restylane Kysse.[i]

A potential key concern for those considering injectable treatments is not only achieving a natural look and feel post-treatment, but also how their partners will find the result. Restylane Kysse has been specially developed for lip enhancement, with OBT technology which produces soft and flexible gels, helping create a natural fullness and volume not only at rest but also in animation. The softness and flexibility of the HA gel is tailored to ensure sufficient firmness to retain the desired lip shape over time.

98% of patients in the study were satisfied or very satisfied with the kissability of their lips and 96% thought that their lips had a natural look after treatment. In addition, 90% of the partners were satisfied or very satisfied with the appearance of the patients’ lips after treatment and 73% of partners agreed that the patients’ lips had a more kissable and natural feel after treatment.


“This is a really novel study as it’s showing, for the first time that both patients and their partners were satisfied with the look and feel of their lips, post-treatment” says Dr Priyanka Chadha, Director of Acquisition Aesthetics. “This is actually really important as patients care what their partners think and it can naturally impact their decisions. The study will act as a valuable tool for practitioners to help educate and inform their patients, helping reassure them about the natural look and feel that can be achieved with Restylane Kysse!”

“Kissability” Study – Design & Key Results

The open-label post-marketing study of 59 patients evaluated the ability of Restylane Kysse to provide a natural lip enhancement, assessing both patient and partner satisfaction at eight weeks post-treatment. 19 received Restylane Kysse only, and 40 received Restylane Kysse in combination with Restylane Refyne and/or Restylane Defyne for correction of facial wrinkles and folds. Regarding safety, all treatment-emergent related adverse events were non-serious and 96% were mild, with a median duration of 2.5 days. In other words, treatment with Restylane Kysse in the lips was well tolerated (the most common site reactions were bruising, pain, oedema, and erythema).

  • 100% of patients and investigators rated lip fullness as improved, much improved or very much improved on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale
  • 87% of patients felt more attractive
  • 98% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the kissability of their lips
  • 96% thought that their lips had a natural look after treatment


[i] Nikolis A., Bertucci V., Solish N.; Post-marketing study to evaluate lip enhancement, naturalness and both partner and subject satisfaction after treatment with HARK; Poster presented at IMCAS, France, Feb 2020.