New medical aesthetics professional community launches on iOS, Android and the web to stimulate an open discussion on trends, techniques and hot topics among industry professionals

BEVL, the first inclusive professional network for medical aesthetics professionals on mobile, announced its official launch and mission to elevate medical aesthetics through a community of peers. Now doctors, clinical staff, practice staff, manufacturers, and industry leaders can come together to connect and build relationships in their own dedicated network.

“We created BEVL to connect aesthetic doctors, their staff and industry professionals to navigate latest trends, techniques and topics together. We’re building the largest collection of practical ideas, stories and relationships between peers across medical aesthetics as a way for each of us to make better, more well-informed decisions across every aspect of our practices,” said Andriana Shea, co-founder of BEVL.

In private beta since June, BEVL is now opening its doors to physicians and professionals across the medical aesthetics industry to message, ask questions, contribute what they are learning and share practical ideas for improving both the business and clinical sides of aesthetic practice. Early member profiles include Drs Jason Bloom, Terrence Keaney, Cheryl Burgess and Jason Emer.

“No two patients are the same, and I learn how to treat different people by sharing scientific data with my peers. Being able to find out about how providers in Australia, Africa or Asia approach current treatments in innovative ways and how they deal with bizarre complications is invaluable,” added dermatologist David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, “BEVL makes sharing like this even easier.”

With this launch, BEVL is the first service to instantly connect members by specialty, location and the topics that are important to them, including marketing your practice, practice management, facial surgery, body surgery, lasers and devices, best practices in injectables, skincare trends and industry opportunities. Members can private message each other as well as organize smaller, private groups of members in one dedicated network outside the noise of other social channels.

“With BEVL, we’re looking to bring the way we communicate as aesthetic professionals into the 21st century by sharing experiences, organizing events, spotlighting career opportunities and ultimately private messaging with professionals in our same specialties,” added BEVL co-founder Tobey Simpson, “The end result is elevating our industry and outcomes.”

About BEVL

BEVL is a community dedicated to elevating medical aesthetics by bringing together the most comprehensive and diverse network of professionals ever assembled online and in the real world. Founded by industry professionals Andriana Shea and Tobey Simpson in 2016, BEVL welcomes professionals across medical aesthetics including physicians, surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, professional associations, aestheticians, practice managers, manufacturers, reps, distributors, and recruiters from all over the world to navigate some of the important topics in the aesthetics industry. From marketing an aesthetic practice to keeping up with new launches and navigating the latest trends, technologies, and regulations, you will find it all in BEVL.