The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) and the Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL) have approved a new partnership that will improve the awareness of and access to the organisations’ educational programs.

‘Our organisations have complementary interests,” said ASDS President Mitchel P. Goldman, MD. ‘ASDS is a mature organisation well-known for the excellence of its educational programs and faculty. The younger and growing DASIL, meanwhile, focuses on advancing dermatologic surgery education to all parts of the world outside the United States.’

The groups will collaborate to advance two international mentoring programs, with members of both groups encouraged to participate in existing programs and cross-promotional exchanges.

‘Since our inaugural meeting in Malta in 2012, our charge has been to offer top-notch educational programs in dermatologic and aesthetic surgery around the planet, and to foster growth of the dermatologic surgery specialty around the world,’ said DASIL President Sheldon V. Pollack, MD. ‘This new partnership helps both organisations fulfill key goals.’

Pollack noted DASIL’s already close, existing ASDS ties. He, Treasurer and Past President Michael H. Gold, MD, and President-Elect Marc B. Roscher, MD, are all ASDS members.

Under the partnership, the organisations will work together on two ASDS international programs — the International Traveling Mentorship Program and the International Preceptorship Program. Both are financially supported by the Lawrence Field, MD, International Dermatologic Surgery Educational Exchange Fund.

‘We pride ourselves on being a premier non-profit educational force in dermatology surgery,’ said Pollack. ‘We welcome programs that help bring new techniques and procedures in the field to countries around the world.’