What is behind the new #AptosHA hashtag trending online?

It’s been a month we have closely followed a new trending hashtag #AptosHA online to see what has united aesthetic professionals from all over the world. Just when you thought threadlifting could not get any better, we have been presented with the first ever thread with Hyaluronic Acid. The doctors from South Africa to France and Bahrain are similarly excited about the thread that has moved threadlifting to a new better place. Professionals report better threadlifting results adding an extra glow to the patients’ skin through stimulation of elastin and collagen. The breakthrough has been presented by the threadlifting pioneer Aptos that has continually innovated and improved their product and as a result advanced the threadlifting industry.

It was this year when Aptos presented a revolutionary new formula of thread composition – the 3rd Generation Aptos Thread with Hyaluronic Acid. P(LACL)HA thread ensures additional benefit for the skin. P(LACL)HA thread insertion provides ongoing and progressive rejuvenation for the facial tissue.

The launch meeting of the 3rd Generation Aptos thread with Hyaluronic Acid in South Africa.

Compared to surgical face/body lifting this non-surgical procedure involves far less trauma. There are no visible scars and the skin is not cut away. The procedure takes less than half an hour (depending on the number of threads the patient wishes to insert) and has a low risk of infection. The initial results are visible immediately and they continue to improve with the formation and maturing of collagen and elastin. The effect after the thread lifting procedure can last anywhere between 18 to 24 months but some patients have reported it to last for even longer.

Following great success the product launching saw at the global aesthetic medicine congresses, the company set on a path of giving more professionals the opportunity to learn about and use the Visage HA thread. A number of locally organised launch events have been happening around the globe since September.

The doctors from Italy, Greece, Germany, South Africa, France, Poland, Turkey, Bahrain, Egypt and more have joined the campaign and had a chance to see Visage HA thread at work while even more such events are planned until the end of this year. The professionals united around the trending hashtag #AptosHA sharing their work and results via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Before/After. The result by Aptos co-inventor, Dr. George Sulamanidze

Visage Excellence HA thread is definitely a new chapter in Aptos’s history of innovation and is already changing the threadlifting industry as we know it. As the non-surgical procedures gain popularity by day, this new thread makes it possible for the doctors to deliver on their promises.

The doctors can download the flyer about the product or contact Aptos distributors worldwide to make use of this innovative product. Read more about the scientifically proven results here.

As we are observing the exciting times for the aesthetic medicine, it is important to support innovation and make the best use of it, so let us all celebrate the advancements in thread lifting industry!