Anti-ageing and preventive medicine sessions

Anti-ageing and preventive medicine updates will be covered in different sessions, these include:

  • New Trends and Updates in Anti‑Ageing Medicine
  • The Swinging Hormonal Pendulum
  • Ageing Prevention without Hormones,
  • Efficient Anti-Ageing
  • Beyond Nutrition
  • Stress Related Disorders
  • Clock Genes: Impact on Health and Ageing
  • Telomeres, Ageing Marker
  • Slow Ageing.

Certain presentations should also be highlighted. Dr David O’Hare (Canada)  will present ‘The Essential Role of Paced Breathing and Cardiac Coherence’. This method is currently the most effective stress relief method based on the modulation of heart rate variability, leading to the balance of the whole autonomous nervous system in synchronisation with hormonal balance and metabolic equilibrium. This technique has been chosen by the American army to help soldiers against  stress.

Professor Miroslav Radman (France) will present the project on ‘Extension of Healthy Life’ based on the two biological clocks determining the destiny of all living species and organisms: evolutionary destiny and individual destiny. Dr Berger Andre (France), one of the pioneers for holistic approach in anti‑ageing, wellness, and cosmetic treatments will present ‘Stem Cells in Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Practice Today: Reality vs Snake Oil’. His personal experience and practice will be viewed with evidence-based information. Professor Alberto Priori (Italy), one of the leaders in using electrical cortical stimulation will give an overview during his session on brain stimulation techniques as an anti-ageing remedy for cognition.

Industry crossroads

Over 250 leading international companies, showcasing on the four-floor exhibition area, will be waiting for you to discover their latest products, technologies, and services to be launched onto the market at the AMWC 2014.

Beyond scientific and educational exchange, you will find this congress an excellent forum for state-of-the-art information making your visit to Monaco worthwhile and rewarding.