The 1st Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) 2013, is being launched by EuroMediCom, founder of the Anti-aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) Monaco, the largest world event in global anti-ageing medicine. The AMEC has been developed to meet the need for a larger global anti‑ageing event at the start of new season and on a European scale. The AMEC aims to be a one-of-a-kind event in this domain.

Held in Paris, at the Palais des Congrès, October 11–12 2013, the 1st AMEC offers a 2-day programme covering over 36 scientific sessions and 16 practical workshops and symposiums, running in five meeting rooms equipped with simultaneous translation in four languages. Up to 2500 participants from over 80 countries worldwide are expected.

Medical and scientific association support

Under the scientific supervision of the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti‑aging Medicine (WOSIAM) and new sister association, the Multispecialty European Society for Aesthetic and Anti‑aging Medicine (MESAAM), AMEC 2013 is full of high-level scientific content developed by the newly nominated and knowledgeable scientific directors and committee. The AMEC will also cooperate closely with the new active medical/scientific partner associations from Russia, northern Europe, and south-east Asia.

Guest of honour at the 1st AMEC

This year, AMEC 2013 will be honouring Germany with three German honorary presidents. In this regard, a German translation is included in the congress in addition to English, French and Russian.

Highly practical event in anti-ageing management

This 1st AMEC has been founded on a multispecialty approach for aesthetic practice and multidisciplinary management for preventive and anti‑ageing medicine. AMEC 2013 aims to unite aesthetic strategies (aesthetic dermatology and surgery) for external appearance, and anti‑ageing medicine for internal wellbeing and aesthetic improvement.

The AMEC 2013 scientific programme will focus on highly practical content that participants can apply directly to their daily clinical practice. Its programme is didactically designed to provide an update on the hottest products, new technologies, and procedures on age‑defying treatment and cosmetology.

Training and educational sessions, live demonstrations and workshops are run by a world-class faculty of opinion leaders in the related fields. More than 160 reputed international speakers from academic institutes and private practice will share their expertise at this event. Examples of confirmed keynote speakers include:

Aesthetic dermatology and surgery: Glenn Jelks (US), Michael A.C. Kane (US), Marina Landau (Israel), Torello Lotti (Italy), Guy Magalon (France), Leonardo Marini (Italy), Hervé Raspaldo (France), Koenraad De Boulle (Belgium), Klaus Ueberreiter (Germany), Ines Verner (Israel), and Sabine Zenker (Germany)

Anti-ageing and preventive medicine: Claude Dalle (France), Bernd Kleine‑Gunk (Germany), Cristina Maggioni (Italy), Jean-René Mestre (France), Uwe Nixdorff (Germany), Alfred Wolf (Germany), and Yoshikazu Yonei (Japan).

Aesthetics from head to toe

Directed by Dr Sabine Zenker (Germany) and Dr Ali Pirayesh (Netherlands), the three successive ‘Dissection and Functional Anatomy’ courses are organised to kick-off the aesthetic programme. The course is structured to allow for a better understanding of the anatomy of each region, including upper face, mid-face, and the lower face and neck. There will be an emphasis on where not to inject and danger zones. The corresponding dissected area is shown in synchronisation with safe and efficient live injections on patients by internationally renowned experts.

The 1st AMEC will also feature the following advanced educational programmes:

  • The ‘1st European Aesthetic Surgery Rendez-Vous’ is organised under Drs Eric Plot (France) and Sylvie Poignonec’s (France) direction, covering a full day on the themes of breast; blepharoplasty and face lift: how to simplify techniques while optimising results; the next generation of liposuction; body contouring and muscle augmentation with fat grafting; and ‘Rhinoplasty 2013’: focusing on the approach to obtain perfect and stable results
  • The ‘3rd International Hair Surgery Master Course (IHSMC)’ directed by Dr Pierre Bouhanna will present the latest scientific information and technology focusing on hair problems and management
  • The ‘6th iClass Hand (International master Class with Live demonstration on Aesthetic Surgery and Skin rejuvenation of the Hand)’ prepared by the Multidisciplinary European Group for the Aesthetic of the Hand (M.E.G.A. HAND).

Aesthetic dermatology and surgery sessions

Considered increasingly as an everyday aesthetic treatment strategy, skin revitalisation, and injectable products and techniques are addressed in two must‑attend sessions: ‘Skin Revitalisation’, and ‘Injectables: Recipes and Advanced techniques’, in which lectures will be followed by interactive live demonstrations.

All aesthetic techniques are not without complications. The session ‘Management of Complications’ will address practical information to handle or avoid complications resulting from different treatments. A session on ‘Regenerative Medicine’ will provide clinically-relevant information with emphasis on the application of PRP, blood components, and fat. Video presentations on different techniques will be presented. Debate sessions entitled ‘Controversies and Personal Experiences’, and ‘My Secret About’, aim to tackle the preferences and points of view of a number of experts.

Four sessions specifically dedicated to lasers, radiofrequency, and energy-based devices will address:

  • ‘New Technologies for Wrinkle Treatment’, and ‘Non Invasive Treatment of the Silhouette: the Dermatologist Approach’ under direction of Drs Isabelle Catoni and Jean-Michel Mazer (France)
  • ‘Tissue Tightening and Skin Resurfacing’ directed by Dr Ines Verner (Israel)
  • ‘Photobiomodulation: Focus on Acne’ by Dr Michèle Pelletier— LED Academy (France).

These sessions will cover the available to advanced treatment possibilities (video and live demonstrations).

Furthermore, treatment updates and new technologies will be presented in the session, ‘What’s New?’ and the ‘Legs Master’ session will deal with leg beauty, including the management of cellulite, leg veins, and fat using a range of treatment options.

Anti-ageing and preventive medicine sessions

Educational sessions relating to effective and safe anti-ageing medicine are an important part of AMEC 2013. Anti-ageing updates will be covered in the following sessions: ‘Hormones: New Trend and Update’, ‘Skin Aging’, ‘Healthy Aging Solutions’, and ‘Best of Nutrition 2013’.

The ‘Longevity Genes: Chronoaging’ session will address genetic and epigenetic elements of longevity and ageing and provide related information on cardiology, biological clock dysregulation, and clock genes until diagnostic protocol.

The repercussions of chronic inflammation on the ageing process have long been known. Recent information on this subject will be presented in the ‘Silent Chronic Inflammation: Consequences on the Aging Process’ session. The ‘Personalised Medicine’ session will propose options for medical decisions and practices in order for treatments to be tailored to the need of the individual patient.

Representing Germany, the 1st AMEC’s guest of honour country, the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM) session will highlight the most advanced information in gender-specific cardiology, epigenetics, and human enhancement. Being the first outcome issued from the ‘International Master Program in Preventive, Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine’, an innovative and high‑standard educational programme in collaboration between the Dresden International University and Euromedicom, three selected, successfully-defended, master theses will be presented in the World Council of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine (WOCPM) session.

Industry business opportunities crossroads

Finally, one of AMEC 2013’s endeavours is to be an excellent forum for state-of‑the‑art information. The ‘Market Review and Industry Perspectives’ session will present a global market review for the past year and the business and industry perspectives for the next 3 years. Leading companies in the market are invited to participate and share their vision in this session.

Over 130 leading companies will showcase in the exhibit space. This congress will be an excellent forum for state-of-the-art information, making the visit to the AMEC 2013 worthwhile and rewarding.

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