Dr. Jeremy Warner, MD FACS and founder of Chicagoland’s Warner Institute, recently unveiled the new State-of-the-art Warner Institute Frequency Tummy Tuck (SWIFT Tuck). Avoiding the need for big hospital facilities and general anesthesia, the SWIFT Tuck uses radiofrequency to achieve the effects of traditional abdominoplasty surgery – minimizing the length of the procedure, recovery time and discomfort while maintaining incredible results.

The technique and process behind the SWIFT Tuck took over a decade to develop by leading surgeon Dr. Warner, the creator of other proprietary, in-office techniques, including the SWIFT Lift, which targets the face and neck. The procedure is performed in-office at the Warner Institute and requires minimal recovery time; through the use of local anesthesia, maximum comfort is ensured during surgery, and clients are able to arrive home the same day and experience minimal discomfort during recovery.

“After developing the SWIFT Lift for face lifts, I saw that the innovative technique of local anesthesia was incredibly popular with my clients, and I wanted to apply it to other areas of the body,” said Warner. “Producing amazing results without the pain and recovery time that comes with traditional hospital procedures, we have been able to revolutionize abdominal contouring. What was once a major surgery is now more accessible than ever.”

The streamlined process of the SWIFT Tuck does not come at the cost of quality or comfort, a point that the Institute assures through all of its in-office procedures. Clients who choose to undergo this procedure will get a long-lasting, wholly restored look without the time or pain that a traditional contouring surgery requires. Patients also have the opportunity to combine the tuck with other surgical improvements, reducing the need for multiple visits.

“This procedure represents the heart of what we stand for at the Warner Institute: making reconstructive surgery efficient, painless and accessible,” continued Dr. Warner. “I can’t wait to see how we continue to build upon and evolve this technique, working toward making plastic surgery as safe and comfortable as possible.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit www.warnerplasticsurgery.com.

About Warner Institute
Helmed by founder and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Warner, MD FACS, the Warner Institute is a world class aesthetic and reconstructive surgery practice, providing industry leading education, mentorship and global service outreach. Backed by years of experience and innovative techniques, the Warner Institute provides Chicagoans with a variety of quality cosmetic surgery procedures, including the proprietary State-of-the-art Warner Institute Facelift Technique (SWIFT Lift) and State-of-the-art Warner Institute Frequency Tummy Tuck (SWIFT Tuck). For more information, visit www.warnerplasticsurgery.com.

SOURCE The Warner Institute