The Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders for 2019 brings together some of the most brilliant minds in the field of Aesthetics from around the globe. This impressive coffee table book profiles an elite group of experts, carefully selected from the MyFaceMyBodyglobal awards program. Meticulously curated the 2019 Ultimate 100 is packed with practice spotlights, patient tips, treatment galleries and fascinating editorials and practitioner profiles. This respected industry publication also includes a directory of the top 100 leaders in Global Aesthetics, from the USA, Australia, UK, South Africa and Brazil. 

Experts include the legendary Dr. Paul Nassif from the TV show Botched and Botched by Nature, Dr.Varun Sharma, Dr.Jayson Oates, Dr. Sarah Boxley, Dr. Emma Ravichandran BDS.MFDSDr.Catherine Stone, Jane Byers, Jacqueline Naeini, Martine Jarman and Dr.Beatriz Molina. As well, as Dr. Vincent Wong, Leslie Fletcher, Kelly George, Dr. Andrew Clark, Dr. Sean Kelishadi, Dr. Nicole F.S. Yap, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, Dr. Sharon Stokes, Dr. Christopher K. Patronella, Prof. Mucio Porto and Dr. Craig Ziering.A definitive guide to leaders of the aesthetics industry, globally.

The Expert Profilesprovides the reader with a comprehensive synopsis ofeach aesthetic practitioner. Detailingqualifications, credentials, experience and an overview of their specialization. Practice Spotlightoutlines a summaryof each practice, including awards won, the clinic’sspecializationsand industry achievements, as well as client testimonials. The Treatment Gallery shows before and after images, so potential clients can see the results they can realistically expect to achieve from a treatment or procedure. Extensive information to assist consumers with making educated and informed choices, regarding treatments, practitioners and which clinic.

Articles in the MyFaceMyBody Ultimate 100 cover a wide variety of treatments and industry advancements from across the field of aesthetics. Consistingof in-depth overviews of surgical and non-surgical treatments for the face, breasts, skin, body,andintimates.Read informative lifestyle articles such as Health Hacks – small changes for big impactand Gone today, Hair tomorrow – Hair restoration. Discover the latest Bizarre Beauty trends, or for the gentlemen, editorials onMale Grooming.The Guide also offers a peakinto some of the Global Statistics taken from the MyFaceMyBodyConsumer Insight Survey. Figures published from an extensive consumer survey released in December 2018. Statistics that, provide a unique insight into consumer trends and what consumers consider when thinking about aesthetic treatments.

The Ultimate 100is brought to you by MyFaceMyBody, an independent and trusted education resource for consumers internationally. This respected industry platform has thousands of unbiased treatment education articles and videos covering all aspects of aesthetics. The organisationannually holds the MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Awards in the UK, Australia, America,and China. MyFaceMyBody also producesthe television series ‘Modern Face of Beauty’and coming soon ‘The Modern Male Mindset.’ In an unprecedented move, for the first time, this year MyFaceMyBody will launch the Global Virtual Aesthetic Summit (GVAS) using ground-breaking virtual technology never seen before in the Aesthetics industry.

The MyFaceMyBody Ultimate 100 coffee table book will be available to view in good clinics across the UK, USA, Australia andNew Zealand.