Syneron-Candela has launched the fourth generation of its VelaShape device, the VelaShape III. The device, which has been launch simultaneously in the UK and US (to be followed by Europe), builds on more than 10 years of experience and millions of treatments in body contouring technology.

The sleek new design, with intelligent feedback monitoring and touchscreen interface, provides a non-surgical, no downtime solution for adiposities of the arms, back, thighs, bottom, abdomen and flanks. Both CE marked and FDA approved, VelaShape III claims an average abdominal circumferential reduction of 2.6cm, even up to 10 weeks after a single treatment.

‘We’ve learned from our vast experience over the last 10 years with Vela. In addition, we have been able to take advantage of the progression of science and technology to incorporate this new knowledge into a state of the art body device,’ said Konika Patel, Vice President of Clinical Education at Syneron-Candela. ‘It is based on solid science. Controlled thermal injury at the right level over the right time leads to important changes in dermal collagen and adipocyte metabolism.’

And the new VelaShape does precisely that. With a peak power of 150W (more than double that of the VelaShape II), it is a powerful device that can reach the threshold temperature of 45C within 2 minutes, where previously it would have taken 8–10 minutes.

As a result, treatment time can be significantly reduced, with better contraction of the connective tissues. Heat can be sustained for a longer period of time and can therefore better influence changes to collagen and fat cell metabolism, resulting in better overall treatment outcomes.

Its unique Intelligence Feedback System moniters skin impedance every millisecond and energy is delivered based on those readings.

‘That’s what makes this device so cutting-edge,’ said Konika Patel. ‘It makes this treatment efficient and effective for all patients across the board because it can adjust the energy based on individual impedance. Some people have very low impedance and some have very high impedance. The people in the middle are going to respond well, but those high impedance people may take a long time to heat up and may not stay warm, but with the 150W of peak power you can get them exactly at the right measurement of energy that‘s needed.’

The combination of infrared (IR) and vacuum, coupled with bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) causes deep heating of the adipocytes, their surrounding connective fibrous septae, and the underlying dermal collagen fibres. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved through higher output of the RF.

Furthermore, the design of the electrodes and application of vacuum allows for a deeper and faster penetration.

‘With the negative pressure and massage from the vacuum we’re improving circulation to the area. Coupled with the heat, we’ve got improved oxygen diffusion to the area. This is an important component in improving adipocyte metabolism,’ said Konika.

‘When we increase oxygen delivery we increase metabolism, and the result obtained is based on the improvement of the metabolism over time. So we’re able to make that adipocyte behave as though it were a more metabolically active molecule as opposed to something that has become sluggish, slow and fat, and that’s particularly important — not just for body contouring, but also for cellulite.’

As well as improved circulation, the treatment also stimulates lymphatic drainage, fibroblast activity, and remodels the extracellular matrix, resulting in skin firmness and a lifting effect.