STYLAGE® is the most sophisticated hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler to be launched. Made by the French company Laboratoires Vivacy, it has taken the best of all other technologies, as well as a new, patented technique to provide the optimum filler. STYLAGE® has been available in Europe for 5 years.

The innovation lies in the patented technology that not only cross-links the HA molecules, but also intertwines them. Thick molecular strands intertwine with finer strands so that the resulting filler flows smoothly, easily and uniformly through the needle or cannula. This is known as a patented IPN-like technology and allows longevity and extraordinary smoothness in the tissues.

The interpenetrating HA network is complemented by the addition of mannitol. Mannitol is an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals. Any technique that involves needles or other tissue trauma will release free radicals. Pure HA will scavenge many, if not all, of the reactive oxygen species/free radicals released, but in doing so reduces its own filling capacity. In the presence of mannitol, however, HA is spared as mannitol preferentially neutralises the free radicals. Such an HA-sparing action translates to delayed breakdown of the gel, and therefore an improved, longer-lasting treatment effect of the filler product.

The positive clinical outcomes with regard to tolerance and effectiveness have been recently demonstrated by Laboratoires Vivacy in a satisfaction survey of 14000 patients in eight countries, 5 years after STYLAGE® range launched in international markets.

The results of the research and development of Laboratoires Vivacy is a range of eight HA gels (made in France) that can be used separately or combined in a single treatment to correct skin imperfections and reduce the signs of ageing and fatigue.

No-stress treatments

The whole STYLAGE® range is also available with a local anaesthetic Lidocaine. STYLAGE® is the first product on the market to contain cross-linked HA (patented IPN-Like Technology), antioxidant (Mannitol), and lidocaine to improve patient comfort at the moment of the injection, and to facilitate the procedure for the practitioner.


A clinical study conducted by Dr Bernard Mole confirms that the effectiveness of the HA is not compromised by the addition of Lidocaine, and that the performance and filling capacity (or ‘volumising effect’) of gels with STYLAGE® Lidocaine are the same as those without1. The study that was carried out on 84 patients with a clinical follow-up over 6–8 months, and concluded that the product does not bring about any increased risk of blood extravasation and affects neither the quality or the durability of the results.

A new approach to mesolift and filling

Skin that is well hydrated is a significant factor in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making skin look young, smooth and radiant. Unfortunately, with age and overexposure to environmental and other stress factors, our skin loses its ability to properly distribute and retain the water we provide it. That is why a good anti-ageing cosmetic product should provide the right moisturising agents to the skin so it can recreate its water distribution and retention functions.

To do so, Laboratoires Vivacy developed STYLAGE® Hydro and HydroMax. STYLAGE® Hydro is a non-cross-linked HA gel recommended for treating moderate dehydration and skin laxity, while STYLAGE® HydroMax is the first mesotherapy treatment to cross-link HA filler with the powerful antioxidant and moisturising agent sorbitol.

Sorbitol helps the skin retain water to conserve moisture and thereby keeps it looking healthy and young. It has been safely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beauty products. Owing to its long-lasting antioxidative hydration, skin that has been compromised by age, stress, poor diet, smoking, sun exposure, and hormonal imbalances can now drink in the benefits of this painless procedure and appear healthy and glowing.

STYLAGE® HydroMax creates an intense smoothing, hydrating, and plumping effect, and sorbitol immediately reduces the negative effects of free radical damage. Its innovative formula provides an immediate sensation of freshness with a toning and tensing effect.

STYLAGE® Hydro and HydroMax can be used to smooth wrinkles, to hydrate and firm the neck, décolleté and hands. During a treatment, HA gel is delivered to the skin via a series of multiple, micro-fine injections (i.e. mesotherapy or skin needling). Regular touch-up sessions will enhance the lasting effect of the desired correction.

Smart volumisers

Facial proportions play a significant role in how we perceive beauty. A young-looking face is one that is full and smoothly contoured. As we age, our face naturally loses volume, which can happen as early as our mid-20s or 30s, and especially in those who diet or exercise excessively.


Even if lines or wrinkles are not apparent, the loss of underlying soft tissue can cause drooping or sagging skin, depressed or hollowed cheeks, which eventually give the face a wan, tired appearance.

The STYLAGE® volumising range (cross-linked HA gels with Mannitol) can make a face look naturally younger by providing an underlying facial structure in the two most important areas of the face — the cheekbones and chin.

With STYLAGE® premium volumisers (XL, XL Lido, XXL), practitioners can customise the treatment to the individual according to the degree of volume loss, skin type and injection area, to fill in the hollows and depressions left by facial lipoatrophy that restores broad areas of lost facial volume. (STYLAGE® XL and XXL have CE approval for injection into patients undergoing triple HIV therapy2.)

Thanks to STYLAGE® volumisers and advanced facial contouring techniques, physicians are able to produce more facelift-like results to meet patient demands for long-lasting, non-surgical treatment options.