SkinCeuticals has launched a new product to reduce the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation: Advanced Pigment Corrector.

‘We really wanted to have a new, breakthrough hyperpigmentation product as it’s a key interest area for patients and physicians,’ said Yevgeniy Krol, Scientific Associate, Clinical Research and Innovation at SkinCeuticals USA.

‘Advanced Pigment Corrector targets hyperpigmentation at all layers of the epidermis via four distinct mechanisms, to help prevent its reoccurrence and correct the current physical signs.’

Hyperpigmentation is caused by UV exposure, hormonal fluctuations and inflammation. Extending below the skin’s surface, these discolourations are stubborn and deeply rooted, making them susceptible to reoccurrence. As a result, a treatment to all layers of the skin is essential.

Furthermore, in light of FDA concern about the safety of topical hydroquinone (HQ), alternative therapies have been needed for a number of years.

The new SkinCeuticals product is a hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid, ellagic acid, yeast extract and salicylic acid formulation. In a single-centre investigator-blinded study, which compared the formulation to the standard 4% HQ cream and 0.025% tretinoin nightly cream treatment combination, Advanced Pigment Corrector was found to perform equally well1.

In the same study, Advanced Pigment Corrector was found to be superior to 4% HQ plus 0.025% tretinoin with regard to improvement of skin quality attributes, such as visual and tactile smoothness, radiance, imperfections, and firmness. More importantly, tolerance to Advance Pigment Corrector was significantly better than the HQ–tretinoin treatment option.

‘The goal has always been to have a pigment corrector to replace hydroquinone, because you can’t use it in pregnancy and its long-term use raises concerns with regard to liver damage,’ said Mr Christopher Inglefield, Plastic Surgeon at London Bridge Plastic Surgery, UK, who is currently undertaking a separate multi-centre, VISIA-controlled study in the UK with Drs Tapan Patel and Sue Mayou.

‘We believe that the combination of Advanced Pigment Corrector, with retinol for selected patients (i.e. those with severe cases of hyperpigmentation), is going to be superior to hydroquinone and would mean a much safer product that’s certainly going to be as effective — if not more — as hydroquinone.’

SkinCeuticals was founded by Dr Sheldon Pinnell, who was passionate about improving skin health and preventing many of the diseases linked to oxidative stress through his breakthrough molecules. Advanced Pigment Corrector will be available in most countries worldwide.