Designed as an ideal partner treatment for medical aesthetic procedures as well as state-of-the art homecare, the innovative Radara™ micro-channelling skincare regimen is now available to clinics at the revised cost of £82 + VAT (£98.40 incl. VAT). The recommended retail price for Radara™ is £165 for the four-week regimen, which delivers around a 35% reduction in periorbital wrinkles, with skin feeling noticeably smoother and firmer.

Ken Jones, CEO of Innoture advises: “On top of the unique technology and synergy with inclinic treatments, this pricing adjustment delivers a fresh benefit to our partners. Radara is a highly effective stand-alone product, and can also be used to complement other aesthetic treatments such as botulinum toxins, so the new price supports a longer-term retail prospect and the diversity of solutions that can be provided to patients.”

A perfect combination of nature and science, Radara is a unique microchannelling skincare system with a high purity hyaluronic acid serum designed to restore skin quality, repair, rejuvenate and replenish the eye area, in four weeks. Radara is supplied in a one-month pack and is intended for use once-daily at home. The four-week Radara regimen delivers a further 8-week effect in terms of reduced wrinkles and improve skin condition, and is recommended for use three to four times per year, depending on desired results.

Cost: £82 before VAT, £98.40 including VAT
RRP: from £165
(x56 patches, x 1 HA serum pump)

Contact Radara or Wigmore Medical for more details and special bundle offers.