A new study with the University of Portsmouth to understand the mechanisms of action of Active Gold Collagen and Gold Collagen Forte and their positive effects on skin cells and extracellular matrix proteins.

MINERVA Research Labs, manufacturer of one of the UK’s leading supplement brands, is proud to announce their 10th publication on their latest clinical trial results. With the focus on Active Gold Collagen® and Gold Collagen® Forte, this 10th publication for MINERVA Research Labs explains the investigation into the interactions between collagen peptides and other bioactive compounds present in these liquid collagen-based nutraceuticals on normal primary dermal fibroblast (skin cell) function. This new study provides an insight into the mechanisms of action of collagen peptides alone or combined with other bioactive compounds and antioxidants present within the products Active Gold Collagen® and Gold Collagen® Forte. The study was conducted by Minerva’s R&D team Dr Sara Sibilla and Dr Licia Genovese and by Professor Janis Shute, Dr David Laight, Suzanne Edgar and Blake Hopley from the Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences, at the University of Portsmouth.

The interactions with dermal fibroblast function of collagen-peptides, alone or in combination with other bioactive compounds, were investigated and revealed the following:

  • Collagen peptides and other bioactives increase fibroblast elastin synthesis
  • Collagen peptides and other bioactives inhibit the release of MMP-1 and MMP-3 (Matrix Metalloproteinases 1 and 3 are proteases, enzymes able to degrade collagen fibrils, MMP-1, and extracellular matrix proteins, MMP-3)
  • Inhibition of MMP-1 and MMP-3 release correlates with the antioxidant activity of bioactives
  • Proliferation was enhanced in the presence of collagen peptides and antioxidants

The bioactive ingredients in Gold Collagen® Forte have a stronger effect on inhibition of MMPs expression compared to the ingredients present in Active Gold Collagen®.  Each of the constituent antioxidants found in Gold Collagen® Forte appear to have an additional effect on total soluble elastin synthesis. Moreover, both Gold Collagen products significantly increase soluble elastin by almost two-fold. These data provide for the first time a scientific, cell-based, rationale for the mechanisms of action of these collagen-based nutraceuticals and their positive effects on skin cells and extracellular matrix proteins.

Published in Scientific Reports (Nature Group), July 2018




Created in 2009, MINERVA Research Labs has become a recognised health and beauty company by launching reference brands that fundamentally challenge the way consumers look at nutritional supplements and beauty regimes. Understanding the growing interest for healthy nutrition, Tony Sanguinetti was convinced that “you are what you eat and drink” is more than a simple statement and could be the underlying vision of a new holistic approach to health and beauty. Pioneering the collagen-based liquid beauty supplement category, this scientifically developed, clinically tested and carefully formulated range reinvents skincare and nutraceuticals to fit with modern lifestyles.

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