Lumenis Ltd., the world’s largest medical laser company for aesthetic, surgical and ophthalmic applications, recently announced the introduction of the new LightSheer® INFINITY™ laser hair removal system. LightSheer® INFINITY™ is up to 75% faster than other available devices and uses Lumenis’ proprietary HIT™ (High-Speed Integrated Technology) and ChillTip™ technologies for enhanced efficacy and patient comfort.

With unrivaled power and versatility, LightSheer® INFINITY™ features two gold standard wavelengths for laser hair removal, 805nm for all skin types, and 1060nm, the optimal solution for tanned and dark skin types all year around.

Major value proposition of LightSheer® INFINITY™:

  • Hair removal for all skin types including tanned skin all year around
  • Cost-effective coverage of large and small body areas
  • Fast, safe and comfortable treatment without gels or anaesthetics
  • Prompt customer support via remote connectivity
  • Swift learning curve and treatment delegation
  • Treatment of pigmented, vascular lesions, wrinkles and PFB.

Technology highlights:

  • Two wavelengths of 805nm and 1065nm
  • 3 spot sizes
  • Vacuum-assisted HIT™ technology
  • ChillTip™ technology
  • Remote connectivity
  • Premium Graphic user interface and preset programmes.

‘LightSheer® INFINITY™ represents one of the most significant recent advances in hair removal because it gives us the ability to safely and effectively treat darker skin types that require longer wavelengths and pulse widths to prevent the treatment area from overheating,’ said Dr Victor Ross, dermatologist and researcher on novel approaches to skin rejuvenation. ‘This will make laser hair removal accessible to a broader range of people and also allow dermatologists and aesthetic medicine professionals to treat dark and tanned skin throughout the year.’

With the LightSheer® INFINITY™, Lumenis perfected its well-established innovative technology and introduced the next generation of laser hair reduction. The LightSheer® INFINITY™ is the most advanced laser hair reduction workstation available in the market today. The combination of dual wavelength and the unmatched versatility empowered by the universal handpiece concept with the clinically validated and established LightSheer Technology will enable customers across all regions to offer the ideal treatment to every one of their patients, all year long.