The main impact of this treatment protocol is that when treating the menopausal or post-menopausal patient, it is necessary to take not only visible changes to the face into account, but also hormonal changes, as well as the influence of these changes to the bones and soft tissues of the face. This methodology will improve the results of treatment, with the majority of patients meeting their expectations in terms of improved visible effect and also quality of life.

Some of the authors plan to follow-up this study with a more detailed investigation comparing the results of treatment with fillers together with non-cross-linked hyaluronc acid or PRP in the perioral area and lips, giving greater consideration to the GAPOLS scale.


As a result of the therapy performed in this study, all patients receiving the IMPACT Concept treatment admitted that deepness and deformity to the tear trough was significantly lessened, ptosis of the mid-face disappeared, and that the results of the treatment completely met their expectations. After the recommended treatment was carried out, signs of dryness of the skin, and especially on the oral mucosa and perioral area, decreased, while quality of the skin of the whole face and the quality of perioral area and vermilion border increased.

It is important to remember that the general principles for the post-menopausal correction of the face are: correct choice of product, full attention to anatomy, individual analysis, minimal dosing, minimal trauma, taking a step-back possibility, and forecasting results.