If you open up a magazine or newspaper, more likely than not there will be an article that includes an ‘award-winning’ product or personality. And intentionally or not, it will stand out from the rest and stick in your mind. That’s the power of winning credible awards. It creates a brand image that makes the consumer feel reassured that the clinic, product or person truly is the best in their field; and so it follows that it is a very powerful sales tool for both your current patients and potential new patients.

Awards in your sector are widely regarded to be the equivalent of winning a BAFTA in the film industry. They give you a competitive edge and will help you stand out from among your colleagues. Awards such as the PRIME Awards and Beauty Trophy represent absolute excellence in both yourself and your practice, providing you with instant kudos, recognition, and added value to boost your business practice.

In the world of aesthetic beauty there are only a small handful of awards, which makes winning all the more powerful, especially if you exploit it to the full. It’s all well and good being recognised for your work in the industry and receiving the applause on the night, but if you don’t then use the accolade to your benefit it is a wasted opportunity. Even if you are shortlisted as a runner-up, this is still good news to promote.

Award wins are also a magnet for talent. After all, who doesn’t want to work for the best? The stand-out award win can help attract future employees and also helps boost morale among existing staff, instilling pride in your team.

So what can you do? Firstly enter; as they say, ‘You have to be in it to win it’. But a word of caution, only enter awards you would like to win and that would benefit you and your business. So be selective. If you are reading this article then I’d imagine that entering the PRIME Awards and Beauty Trophy will be at the top of your list.

Secondly, once you have entered and have been shortlisted in your category, make sure you attend the awards evening to be able to accept your award in person. This is important for many reasons, including being seen at the right events, but in PR terms, the main benefit is to ensure you are snapped receiving the award which is published by the magazine and can then be used to help PR your achievement.

Working that award

If the best outcome is achieved and you win an award, you might wonder what to do next. Firstly, the magazine will be in touch with the award logo, which you can use on your email sign-off, website, press release, and any marketing materials. Then, if you have a PR consultant ask for a PR plan on how they intend to promote the win. If not, here‘s a good guide as to how to use your win for PR, social media, website, and marketing.

Announce it

No one is going to know you won if you don’t tell them, so prepare a press release announcing the win, who you were up against (it always makes you look good to say you beat x, y, z), and what you won it for. Make sure you include a picture of your team receiving the award, a quote from yourself, and always ask the award creators for a quote from them too. Ensure you take your own photos at the awards so that you can get your prize-winning picture out to the press straight away. The press love images so ensure you have good quality shots, even if you have to stage them on the night.

The press release should be sent to leading health and beauty press. While your award may not be written about in terms of the win, it will place you front of mind for quotes or inclusion in relevant stories and will provide instant stand-out from your peers.

Focus on other targets by sending your release to local media, including newspapers, local business magazines, and radio stations as they might like to interview you.