Special offer e-blasts

E-blasts used to describe and promote a single offer with a call to action that links to a targeted landing page created for that specific offer can be an effective tool. For this type of email, the targeted landing page is key. You want to keep in mind how many clicks it takes the reader to act on the special offer; less is more. Do not make them hunt for the coupon or ‘Shop’ button, because they will get frustrated and your conversion rates will suffer.

When it comes to designing an email for a specific offer, draft the copy to be brief but descriptive enough to convey the offer’s value and what makes it special. Consider using a bulleted list format to clearly describe the offer, while avoiding long sentences that can turn the reader off. Make sure the call to action link is large, clear, easy to find, and uses actionable language, such as SCHEDULE NOW or GET THE OFFER.

New product e-blasts

Although it sounds like a good idea to send an e-blast every time you add a product, service or staff member, you also don’t want to inundate your subscribers with mundane e-blasts. Many clinics and practices send bi-weekly or monthly e-blasts to keep their customers up-to-date with what they are offering, but this may be too frequent in some cases. You need to explain why the new laser or filler you are offering is good or better so they can learn enough about it to understand why it is worth their further investigation.

Rather than inundating subscribers with a slew of emails about each individual product update, consider sending a round-up of new updates or products periodically. For e-blasts that are about a single product or treatment, include a large, clear headline with a brief description underneath, and an image that showcases the product. Whenever possible, linking to a customised web page is preferable, so recipients can click through to learn more about it without searching for more information on your website.

Another strategy is to send a monthly round-up of features or articles created in a visually appealing way about what is new and exciting. Include an image paired with a headline, a brief summary or introduction, and a call to action for recipients to read more. This simple format will allow you to use visuals to attract the reader to each article, while still giving you the ability to feature multiple topics without making the e-blast too long.

Engagement counts

Think of your most engaged subscribers as your most loyal and happy customers. They are the most likely to appreciate hearing from you, and refer their friends and family. Give them something special in terms of VIP services, offers and trials of new products and services. Targeting your most engaged subscribers frequently is becoming more necessary as many service providers are placing more importance on your list engagement. Therefore, sending to your engaged subscribers more often than those who are less active will strengthen your domain reputation. To keep those subscribers active, offer them more enticing promotions and specials, and reward them for their loyalty.