Galderma will unveil two new syringe delivery systems for their comprehensive Restylane® product range designed to meet the changing needs of today’s clinicians at the 12th AMWC 2014, 3–5 April.

The facial aesthetics market is changing and demand for injectable treatments is increasing, with clinicians performing more than 20 dermal filler treatments every day. With this increasing demand, physicians require tools that offer greater safety, precision, comfort and control.

New Restylane filler syringe

Restylane dermal fillers, developed to restore the skin’s youthful volume, smooth out wrinkles as well as create lift for shape and definition, have a new delivery system. The new Restylane syringe offers clinicians greater comfort, and improved ergonomics.

To ensure that clinicians’ needs were accurately reflected in the design, the syringe was developed through extensive consultation with practitioners.

The Restylane filler syringes achieve greater working comfort through the new ergonomic features. An expert group of leading clinicians was also asked to test the new syringes. They commented that the new syringes felt light in the hand, as well as having a more comfortable grip and thumb rest.

The syringe has also been developed to increase security and accuracy for physicians who are removing the visible signs of ageing. A new tamper-proof seal guarantees the authenticity of the contents, and a new Luer lock provides robust needle and cannula attachment.

Restylane Skinboosters Syringe

The new Restylane Skinboosters syringe has a unique, built-in audible dosage control through the SmartClick™ system, which dispenses ~10 μL microdroplets. Great precision is required by clinicians, who have to focus on product flow and quantity, at the same time as having to concentrate on product delivery. The new Restylane Skinboosters syringe allows clinicians to focus on injection technique rather than the amount injected. The new delivery system offers greater versatility with the SmartClick function, allowing clinicians to make technique their main priority. SmartClick can also be turned on or off.

Suitable for a wide range of age groups and skin types, treatments using Restylane Skinboosters offer long-lasting effects, improving skin elasticity, overall hydration and firmness as well as reducing roughness, fine lines and even imperfections such as acne scars1–6. A recent study recorded high levels of patient satisfaction after Restylane Skinboosters were administered over three sessions to the face, neck and décolletage1–4.

High design standards

Both syringes are compatible with both thin walled needles for improved flow rates and low extrusion force, as well as pix’L flexible microcannulae for minimally-invasive treatments. The syringes incorporate a secure Luer lock system for robust needle and cannula attachment and a tamper-proof seal, to ensure maximum security and patient confidence. Their low extrusion force is comparable to equivalent systems on the market.

These syringes are designed to improve ease of product delivery, and practitioners’ responses to the new syringes have been positive.

‘When I first saw the new delivery system, I thought ‘This is going to be interesting,’ but when I first touched it and felt it and used it, I thought, ‘This is going to be a game changer’,’ confirmed Dr Toni Phillips, from London, England.

‘Until recently, aesthetic treatments were something that tended to be in the realms of secrecy,’ said Anne-Sophie Copin, Global Head of Skin Rejuvenation Marketing, Galderma, Uppsala, Sweden. ‘With the arrival of new procedures and techniques, it’s an attitude that is rapidly changing as people feel increasingly confident.’

Galderma predicts that in the future, developments such as these could well prove instrumental in making aesthetic treatments a mass market phenomenon. ‘People aren’t looking for extreme makeovers, but small, subtle changes that make a big difference in the way they feel,’ says Benoit Chardon, Marketing, Director Aesthetic & Corrective, Galderma, Uppsala, Sweden.

Visit Galderma on booth J1 at AMWC 2014.