This weekend at IMCAS Paris, EternoGen LLC will present its latest research demonstrating an exciting future for its Advanced Collagen Replenishment therapy portfolio for cosmetic use in regenerative dermatology.

The innovative EternoGen portfolio comprises Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (RPC) and Gold Nanoparticle Collagen (CG NanomatrixTM). The products have been formulated with unique integral shielding protection from collagenase degradation to offer long-lasting, natural looking treatment results and high physician and patient satisfaction.

They are also designed to provide high biocompatibility facilitating natural integration with the skin at a cellular level, which minimises the risk of inflammatory reactions and post-treatment problems. These exciting advances herald the long-awaited return of collagen to the burgeoning medical aesthetic market.

‘The absence of collagen from the physician’s armamentarium has been felt keenly in recent years. Collagen is recognised as the optimal biomaterial for tissue repair as it allows natural cellular interaction, migration and regeneration,’ says Dr Chris Inglefield, a leading UK plastic surgeon, of RPC

‘I firmly believe there is a clear need for a skin-friendly collagen-based filler to provide the safe, natural looking results and skin health benefits, which both consumers and physicians seek today. RPC is particularly suited for delicate and challenging treatments in the periorbital and perioral areas where the risk for lumps and product migration needs to be minimised. A clinical study in the nasolabial folds using RPC is underway and the experience to date is very encouraging.’

RPC and Gold Nanoparticle Collagen provide immediate results while stimulating natural collagen production over time to improve overall skin health and strength, leaving it looking firmer, smoother and more lustrous.

Research presented at IMCAS demonstrates the ability of EternoGen advanced collagen replenishment to overcome the limitations of earlier generations of collagen and underpins its strong potential to deliver high clinical effectiveness and optimal aesthetic treatment results demanded by today’s physicians and consumers.

RPC is an exciting development on track for launch in late 2014. It is an advanced collagen designed to provide a natural matrix for optimised cell integration and regeneration together with built-in protection against collagenase degradation for prolonged duration of clinical effect.

The injected collagen integrates naturally and anchors with the patient’s own collagen to stimulate natural cell production and renewal, strengthening the skin’s own collagen scaffolds supporting the skin. In contrast to hyaluronic acid-based filler treatments, which have gained popularity in recent years in the absence of collagen, the injected gel remains as a distinct implant under the skin, which does not integrate easily into the skin’s natural structure andmay cause problems in thin skin areas, such as skin discolouration, uneven results and product migration.

EternoGen has also conducted investigations into conjugating collagen with gold nanoparticles to provide additional benefits and enhanced duration without compromising its natural biocompatibility and stability.

The research, carried out at University of Missouri, and presented at IMCAS, demonstrates that Gold Nanoparticle Collagen (CG NanomatrixTM) has the potential further to increase resistance to degradation providing duration of treatment results for up to 2 years, while preserving its natural 3D structure allowing natural cell integration and regeneration.

The addition of gold nanoparticles also provides antioxidant benefits, which has the potential to reduce possible inflammatory reactions, such as swelling.

Dr Neil Sadick, a leading US Dermatologist, will present his experience with the new EternoGen advanced collagens at IMCAS. He says: ‘The new EternoGen collagen portfolio represents genuine innovation. The current research and experience to date demonstrates that the limitations of former collagens can be over-turned. It has the ability to fill the gap for a much needed natural collagen replenishment treatment solution with long duration and clinical efficacy, together with the exciting potential for additional anti-inflammatory benefits.’