The of the hottest aesthetic procedures to sweep the US and the world of late is micro-needling with the new Eclipse MicroPen™.

The Eclipse MicroPen™  is the latest product innovation to be used to apply a clinical concept known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). The Eclipse MicroPen™ is used during CIT treatment to create thousands of micro-channels, or micro-wounds, to stimulate collagen and elastin formation within the skin.

‘Finding effective and practical ways to stimulate and replace lost collagen is considered part of the front line in the battle against ageing. The Eclipse MicroPen™ also delivers a means to improve topical skincare delivery in a more effective way for an improved youthful appearance,’ says Tom O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Eclipse Aesthetics LLC.

‘The idea of microneedling of the skin sounds somewhat unnerving, but for most patients it is quite tolerable. Once one can get past the needling idea the results can be quite amazing!’

A novel procedure

The procedure is quite novel in that the micro-holes created by microneedling form miniature channels or skin pathways to nourish the skin. Dr Anil Rajani of Portland, Oregon, says: ‘Microneedling in my practice is the first line of defense to fight the early signs of ageing. Oftentimes I will suggest my patients try microneedling before investing in more expensive treatments, such as laser devices. My patients have appreciated this conservative and predictable approach that microneedling affords. With microneedling, my patients also enjoy the minimal downtime required. The busy lives of my patients see the rapid recovery of microneedling as a big benefit of the procedure.’

The beauty of implementing microneedling in one’s practice is that it opens an affordable price point for those who may not be ready or able to spend extra money on more expensive procedures. However, many such patients will inevitably graduate to more expensive procedures.

In the meantime, there is a lot to be said for cultivating cosmetic solutions that work at all price points. The patient has the assurance that their doctor offers a full spectrum of affordable solutions to help in the fight against ageing. Clearly, microneedling can be the perfect stepping stone to more advanced procedures when the time comes.

Figure 1 (A) Before treatment and (B) 20 days after one treatment with the Eclipse MicroPen. (Courtesy of Jody Comstock, MD)

Figure 1 (A) Before treatment and (B) 20 days after one treatment with the Eclipse MicroPen. (Courtesy of Jody Comstock, MD)


As science merges with aesthetic applications, the battle to stay beautiful and youthful continues to advance. The Eclipse MicroPen™ was recently introduced to the US aesthetic market and many hundreds of Eclipse MicroPens™ have been sold to doctors in a matter of months. With the sweeping success of the Eclipse MicroPen™, the company is now selling the device worldwide.