As Sesderma plans its 30th anniversary, PRIME talks to Dr Gabriel Serrano, president and founder of Sesderma and Mediderma Professional Care, about his plans for the future and the company’s imminent expansion into five new markets

I’m interested in the story of Sesderma, can you give me an overview of why you decided to create the company?

My call for medicine came early on when I was still a child. In my opinion, a dermatologist is the best person to formulate dermatological products. Therefore, with the help of a pharmacist, I set out to create master formulas. A few years later, I opened Dr. Gabriel Serrano Dermatological Clinic in Valencia (Spain) where my patients started to take advantage of these new formulas. The direct contact with patients allowed me to get first-hand knowledge of their needs. Through daily practice and personalised listening, we succeeded in developing specific products for every skin problem. This didn’t exist in the market before. I then decided to create Sesderma, an atypical family company, as everything we do here, is done with enthusiasm, passion, and joy. Today, Sesderma is present in more than 85 countries, with 670 employees spread around the world. We anticipate excellent results in recent new markets, such as Central America, China, and Romania among others.

You recently opened a new facility, how will this help you in the future?

With international sales now weighing 60% of our total turnover, this increase in sales requires a production effort, which we will be able to reach with the new site. There, we are incorporating advanced systems for the control of production in line with state-of-the-art programmes. Additionally, we are committed to environmental improvements, adopting the ‘Cleaning in Place’ system for cleaning reactors to guarantee compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice. Recently, we had an unforgettable opening party where we invited our primary customers and friends. We are very excited about the excellent prospects that will come from the new site.

Sesderma’s new headquarters


An interior view of Sesderma’s new facility


Can you tell me in what ways research is aiding Sesderma develop new products and tools, as well as improve its existing range of products?

Nanopore Stylus 02

Sesderma is renowned for applying nanotechnology. We are one of the few laboratories in the world that has entire product lines formulated with this technology, which allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper in the skin and are therefore much more efficient. We also investigate and develop products containing growth factors within the project NEWCOTIANA in collaboration with Oxford University, the Institute Max Planck, and the Spanish CSIC. All this research work translates into effective products.

What Sesderma products are you most proud of bringing to market?

The very first line we launched was Acglicolic, based on glycolic acid. We were pioneers then. Another line I’m proud of is C-VIT, based on vitamin C. It’s a great sales success. I’m very satisfied with the results we’re getting with the microneedling device NANOPORE Stylus 02, by our Mediderma professional division. It is used by doctors to treat acne marks, wrinkles, and alopecia.

Are there any new aesthetic products or indications for existing products you are working on?

Sesderma Factor G prepared in the lab

Mediderma is dedicating much work to the development of products and treatments that take advantage of phototherapy. This consists of the application of photosensitive natural substances encapsulated in liposomes. Through their fast penetration, they manage to reach the target tissue. These substances, when illuminated by a light of a suitable wavelength, photo-activate and turn to thermal energy that causes photo-oxidation of bio-materials and the activation of the cell’s metabolism. We have already launched products in this line, such as the Spectrum Mask and Triwings. 

What do you have planned in the future for Sesderma?

The new facilities in Puzol (Valencia) will mean a great production drive for Sesderma. We expect to increase our presence in countries like the USA, China and open our markets in France, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea. Regarding product development, we strongly believe that nutri-cosmetics, the dermo-cosmetic products dispensed orally, are the future. We already make products like Curcuses, based on curcuma, or Lactyferrin, formulated with lactoferrin, and many more. Our wish is to continue researching in professional treatments and develop solutions adapted to every problem. This is what makes us who we are.

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