Nearly 80 percent of individuals considering plastic surgery procedures think plastic surgeon reviews are “extremely important,” according to a one-of-a-kind comprehensive consumer survey conducted by Ceatus Media Group.

While statistics exist for review site preferences in general healthcare, to date, there has been no data available for consumer review site preferences when researching elective health care procedures in plastic surgery.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 14.01.55Specifically, for plastic surgeons, 77.5 % of individuals find reviews to be extremely important when gathering information about prospective surgeons, while 19.9% find reviews to be somewhat important and a meager 2.6% feel that reviews are not important.

“These first-of-their kind findings are really eye-opening and will change the way plastic surgeons think about and execute their review strategies” says Dr David Evans, Ceatus CEO. “Our data clearly demonstrates the importance of reviews to patients seeking elective cosmetic procedures. We are excited to share this unique data specific to plastic surgeons.”

One goal of the survey was to determine which sites are held in high regard, and which are seen as not valuable. This information could help determine the breadth of review sites included in plastic surgeons’ review strategies. To accomplish this goal, the survey asked which review sites matter the most when researching a plastic surgeon, and in a separate question, which review sites were least important. Google ranked No.1 and Realself and HealthGrades ranked 2 and 3, respectively, as the most important review sites. For least important, interestingly, Facebook received the most votes, while Yellow Pages and Yelp were Nos 2 and 3.

About the Survey/Methodology

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 14.11.14The survey was conducted among individuals who visited Ceatus’ educational websites about plastic surgery procedures, most notably Your Plastic Surgery Guide (, from May 1 to May 30. Your Plastic Surgery Guide receives 1 Million Unique Visitors per year. Respondents were asked seven questions related to their use of the Internet and Reviews when researching specific elective plastic surgery procedures and choosing a surgeon.

also conducted surveys about the importance of reviews to consumers researching cosmetic dentists and LASIK and cataract surgeons using its arsenal of high-traffic elective healthcare websites related to these specialties.

Ceatus Media Group is a cutting edge digital marketing and reputation management agency located in San Diego California with clients across the United States and twelve countries.  Ceatus’ seven health care educational websites receive more than 6 million visitors per year.