In my practice, based in Monaco and the French Riviera, the following combined regenerative therapy for the face, neck and cleavage is used a number of times a day on young and middle-aged patients as a preventive and anti-ageing solution.

The procedure involves the combination of a chemical peel (based on glycolic, lactic, kojic, phytic, and salicylic acids), an antioxidant mesotherapy of a revitalising and rejuvenating cocktail containing over 50 active ingredients (consisting of a sterile mixture of hyaluronic acid, silicon, 13 vitamins, 23 amino acids, six co-enzymes, six minerals, five nucleic acids, and two reducing agents), and a multipuncture of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid with mannitol in the superficial and medium dermis (nappage then papular techniques) all in the same session.

The benefit of this procedure is amazing and immediately visible. You will achieve a youthful looking skin and a healthy glow with perfect radiant complexion and brightness optimisation. A subtle plumping effect is perceptible with fine lines and wrinkles reduced, as well as an improvement in skin tone, hydration, and texture.

At a cellular level, it results in anti-ageing bio-stimulation — stimulating vital functions of cells and fibroblast proliferation, increasing collagen and elastin synthesis in the extracellular matrix, increasing the bio-chemical reactions of tissues, and activating cellular communication. It also compensates for the natural loss of endogenous hyaluronic acid, redensifies the dermis and provides excellent cutaneous repair by acting on cellular proliferation and regulating cutaneous microcirculation.

To combat the signs of premature skin ageing from endogenous and exogenous origin, the antioxidant agents help to capture free radicals and prevent the build-up of free radicals through  anti-radical protection.

The benefits of synergy together with combination therapies in aesthetic procedures are spectacular and the effects have been proven by a number of clinical studies. Using platelet-rich plasma in the described protocol for the healing and regenerative effects of growth factors, including transforming growth factors (TGF), insulin-like growth factors, platelet-derived growth factors, epidermal growth factors, vascular endothelial growth factors, Interleukin-1, TNF-α, and TGF-β increases the improvements further. With such protocols, we are moving ever closer to reaching the perfect preventive anti-ageing therapy.