Carrying skin-friendly foundations and make-up in a skincare clinic complements many treatments and adds to the practice’s bottom line.

After procedures like peels, injections, lasers, or light-based treatments, patients will seek ways in which to conceal erythema, ecchymosis, and discolouration, and will welcome a physician-approved assortment of make-up. Even more significant, good-for-skin make-up is formulated for sensitive skin and can be safely recommended to patients coping with acne, eczema, or rosacea.

Mineral make-up innately contains a physical sunblock, so no additional and potentially irritating sun protection ingredients are required. Rather than a second thought, make-up can enhance treatments. As Amy Taub, a Lincolnshire, IL dermatologist put it, ‘Make-up is often not taken seriously, even among aesthetic practices. But women take their make-up very seriously. It is the single most effective and immediate way to enhance one’s appearance.’

Mineral make-up revisited

According to Jane Iredale, founder and president of Iredale® Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd., patients are looking for multi-tasking products. ‘Clients desire multifunctional make-up that acts as a true extension of skincare and complements the treatment they are receiving from their skincare professional. For example, when clients visit a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or aesthetician for laser treatments or treatment of a condition such as acne, eczema, or rosacea, they learn that the make-up they are using isn’t suitable for their sensitive skin.’

Mineral make-up fills their need for a make-up that improves the health of their skin, without compromising on colour, style, or trends, said Iredale. ‘Clients trust make-up in medical offices to provide both coverage and healing, reducing redness, and soothing their skin,’ she added.

The mineral category continues to expand with even department store and drugstore make-up brands offering mineral versions. The growing trend towards green and ecofriendly cosmetics is fuelling this demand among consumers, as mineral make-up also appeals to non-make-up wearers who crave a natural, healthy look. ‘Mineral make-up is now reportedly the fastest growing segment in the cosmetic industry. The category gets bigger and bigger, and more inventive every day, with choices from low-end to high-end and everything in between,’ said Iredale.

Elizabeth Arden recently introduced their own elegantly packaged mineral collection, developed specifically for the professional market. Elizabeth Arden Rx Mineral Skincare (Elizabeth Arden, Inc., Miramar, FL) is a multi-function loose powder that comes in five natural-looking shades, plus a Finishing Touch. It includes a proprietary botanical complex, SPF 27+ with a long list of anti-ageing skin benefits.

Foundation with benefits

The combination of healthy, glowing skin enhanced with the right foundation shade and texture is very powerful. Foundations can help to improve the appearance of the skin and conceal flaws, even out skin tone, blotches, and redness, and create a smooth finish. Every patient will have different habits, preferences, and needs regarding foundation wear. Consider stocking an edited selection of foundations in various degrees of coverage, as well as different formulae to suit the needs of different skin types. Some foundations dispensed through medical clinics also contain skin‑loving ingredients that improve the overall condition of the skin.

A significant make-up concern for skincare patients is foundation — getting the right shade, texture, benefits, and coverage. Clinic managers who dispense make-up brands in their retail vertical know that keeping careful track of sales and patient feedback helps to determine which brands are best to carry. If you offer foundation, make sure you choose a range or combination of ranges that offer a wide enough selection of shades to suit your patient population. There are fewer brands to choose from that work for all or most skin tones.

Professional mineral make-up lines offer great options. For example, Exuviance® CoverBlend Concealing Treatment Make-up SPF30 (NeoStrata Company, Inc., Princeton, NJ), available in 10 shades, features polyhydroxy acid to smooth skin and fight the signs of ageing. It gives buildable coverage and helps to camouflage discolouration.

According to Jeanette Graf, a dermatologist in Great Neck, NY, ‘My best‑selling brands are Colorescience® and Oxygenetix® Breathable Foundation. The Colorescience Sunforgettable products are excellent and easy to use, and the concealer palette is great. Oxygenetix has a new mineral make-up line, which goes on like a BB cream. It is very lightweight in consistency and provides excellent coverage with SPF24 and a silicone finish.’

San Antonio, TX dermatologist Vivan Bucay is also a big fan of Oygenetix Foundation because it offers many benefits for her patients. ‘Oxygenetix Foundation is super gentle and formulated to be able to be worn immediately post-procedures, such as fractionated non-ablative resurfacing, microneedling, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion. It comes in lots of shades, which makes it suitable for many patients’ needs. For me, it works like a tinted moisturiser, but with lots of benefits, such as increasing oxygen uptake by the skin to speed up wound healing and presents a very low potential for contact dermatitis, all of which make it ideal for those of us who use daily skincare regimens that include retinoids, alphahydroxy acids, and other beneficial but potentially irritating compounds.’

Another foundation popular at Bucay’s San Antonio office is gloMinerals® Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF15. ‘Although it is a mineral-based liquid foundation, it provides excellent coverage, feels super silky, and does not acquire that caked on appearance as the day wears on,’ she said.