Cellulex Medical Directives are delighted to announce the release of their innovative buttock cellulite busting injectable “Cellulex®” in the UK and Europe.

Composed of plant-derived collagenolytic enzymes, Cellulex® is injected directly in to the targeted “dimples” over 3 sessions spaced 43 days apart. The results are permanent.

Cellulex® has a triplicate mechanism once injected.

Firstly, Cellulex® enzymatically “cuts” the fibrous septae that are responsible for cellulite.

Secondly, fat lobules are forced in to a more orderly and rigid structure.

Finally, collagen reformation promotes thickening of the dermis which reduces the ability of cellulite to reform.

KOL for Cellulex®, Dr Rachel Owen elaborates “Previously, permanent cellulite treatment required fairly invasive treatment including the physical cutting of the fbrous septae. To be able to offer an injectable product for use in clinic, that has no down-time and still delivers long-term results is really very exciting”.  

Biomedical Researcher for Cellulex® Kellan Mayfield added- “the collagenolytic enzyme market for aesthetics is still developing, but we believe that we have a significant advantage in obtaining our enzymes from plants as opposed to other products that a bacterially derived”.

Cellulex® is available now  to practitioners via the website www.cellulex.co.uk  they are also taking distributor applications.