For the dedicated doctors and staff of Operation Smile, overcoming challenges comes with the territory. Travelling the globe to some of the poorest places on earth, they have performed life changing surgeries for over 200,000 children afflicted with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

Among the many challenges they face is the ongoing need to photographically document their work and evaluate the outcomes. And that’s what brought Maria Ansley to Canfield Imaging Systems in preparation for a recent mission to Nicaragua.

A medical photographer with the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Maria was invited on the mission to advise and help with the photography. Recognising the demanding requirements of photographing facial deformities in small children, under adverse conditions, she knew from her experience that Canfield had the right solution.

The VECTRA H1, a portable handheld 3D camera, enables fast and easy imaging of small to medium field subjects in any environment. And VECTRA’s high quality 3D photographs are just what the doctor ordered for visualising and analysing the wide range of facial conditions they encounter.

‘VECTRA H1 offers a transformative technology for our medical teams,’ said Maria on her return. ‘I believe it will change the way we practice medical photography in the field, and how we think about facial imaging in the clinic.’

Canfield is honoured to support the mission of Operation Smile, and pleased that its imaging solutions will be used to improve the lives of so many afflicted children.