Bliss Aesthetics discuss their new Bliss hyaluronic acid fillers and how they match up against the competition

Currently there are only five manufacturers who can manufacture the best top level gel quality dermal fillers, one of them being Bliss. One of the most recent developments in the dermal filler market is Bliss’ hyper cross-linking technology. The unique technology of Bliss allows multiple hyaluronic acid (HA) coil chain connections. This gel formulation guarantees a highly stabilized gel which is more durable and can better resist natural biodegradation of the HA in the patient tissue.

Bliss currently manufactures three versions of their monophasic gel dermal fillers, 18 mg/ml, 23 mg/ml, and 26 mg/ml. The Bliss 18 is the softest, and is the best for filling lines and wrinkles, providing the skin with a refined aesthetic. The Bliss 23 is especially effective in the lips, providing a youthful voluptuousness and shape to the lips. The 23 is also suitable for treating deep and severe facial wrinkles and folds. The Bliss 26 is the most effective treatment for facial contouring and reshaping. The 26 is focused on deep dermis or subcutaneous treatment for volume augmentation, and can also be used for mid-to-deep dermis treatment in the lips.

Bliss Filler

In Figure 1 we can see the lab test performance of Bliss Filler Ultra (26) as the worst case scenario against a leading market competitor.

Figure 1 Benchmark comparison. Bliss Ultra vs. a leading competitor. The comparison was performed on the highest concentration of 26 mg/ml as the worst-case scenario.

As we can see, the worst-case-scenario results of the Bliss Filter Ultra are comparative to the performance of their leading market competitor. Bliss’ use of new Hyper cross-linking technology in their gels has created satisfied customers world-wide and catapulted them to the front of the dermal filling industry.

Figure 2 HA rheological results. Loss factor tan: the rheological results of Bliss Ultra are compared with a leading competitor

The rheological results of the testing were also comparative to leading market competi-tors, with virtually identical loss factors (measured in Tan Delta δ).

Extrusion force

Another great feature of Bliss Filler is it’s low extrusion force despite being a high G-Prime gel. The extrusion force is the ease of use, determined by the force needed to inject the material into the tissue. The entire Bliss dermal filler range is characterized by a low extrusion force (20 Newton), thus reducing the strain on the thumb of the practitioner. At the end of a busy day filled with numerous injections and treatments, this difference is clearly felt. Below is a graph detailing the extrusion force of the Bliss dermal filler range where the extrusion force was observed far below 30N.

Prime gel

The hyaluronic acid is naturally processed in the tissue by the enzyme hyaluronidase. This typically occurs slowly over time; with low G-Prime, high fluidity, high elasticity gels being processed first and high G-Prime gels maintaining the longest. A bench mark comparison of the viscosity after a hyaluronidase addition to 1 ml of Bliss HA dermal filler gel shows a comparable result of Bliss Ultra with a leading market competitor.

Figure 3 Extrusion force of Bliss Ultra. The ease of use is determinded by the force required to inject the material into the tissues, this is also called the extrusion force.

Triplicates of Bliss Ultra fillers were tested for complex viscosity before the enzyme treatment (Time 0), and immediately after incubation with 100 IU hyaluronidase at 37°C). The results are presented as means (± SD 2.9). The Complex viscosity was quantified according to deformation oscillation measurement, conducted with an Anton Paar MCR 102 rheometer using a plate geometry. Oscillation measurements were taken at 5 pascal tau (τ) over a frequency range of 0.1 to 5 Hz.

The injection of Bliss 18 into the parentheses marionette corner and Bliss 23 into the lips give an immediate aesthetic result. Deep wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth completely vanished, leaving the face with a youthful tightness and vibrancy. The contouring of the cheek is also more aesthetically pleasing and more energetic. The use of Bliss 23 in the lips gave the mouth more volume and a more enthusiastic look.


The Lab tested durability of the Bliss dermal filler gel is extremely important to the success of the operation, the final aesthetic of the treatment and the satisfaction of the customer — not just directly after the treatment is given, but up to 18 months afterwards. Naturally, the raw materials that comprise Bliss HA filler gels are manufactured to the strictest standards and all of the Bliss filler products have CE certification (complies with ISO 13485:2000). Additionally, the HA of the entire Bliss filler gel range is of a non-animal origin that allows full bio-comparability and tissue integration without side-effects. The endotoxins are below 0.005 EU/ml and free cross-linker content is less than 0.001 mg/ml for BDDE.

Figure 4 Complex viscosity measurement of Bliss Ultra

This durability, in combination with the hyper cross-linking technology used in the manufacturing of each gel, creates the most customer satisfying high quality dermal filling experience available. These breakthroughs have allowed Bliss to keep expanding and constantly create new relationships with clients and partners across the globe. On a code of quality and satisfaction, Bliss keeps innovating at every level of the design, manufacturing, and process to help the industry keep revolutionizing itself and keep moving forward.

Bliss is currently expanding its influence in the European market and are looking for appropriate candidates to join their distribution network. Distributors in Europe who prioritize the highest quality products, competitive prices and who value long-term successful relationships with suppliers at the forefront of industry innovation are encouraged to contact Bliss. 





For more information: Details and specifications of Bliss’ entire HA dermal filler range can be found at, and they can be contacted directly at [email protected]