Breast implants are one of the most commonly sought and studied medical devices in history. Similarly, breast augmentation is one of the plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Craig Jonov of The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery performs most frequently. Many patients did not want traditional breast implants or were not candidates due to their health or anatomy. This led Dr. Jonov to spearhead the use of the auto augmentation. This breast augmentation procedure is performed in conjunction with a breast lift to provide a natural looking augmentation with a patient’s own tissues.

An auto breast augmentation lifts the breasts while simultaneously reshaping the breast tissue to create perkier and fuller breasts without implants. “The results are just as long lasting as a traditional breast augmentation without the risk of capsular contracture or rupture,” says Dr. Jonov. This makes the procedure ideal for patients experiencing these rare complications from previous implants. Many auto augmentation procedures that Dr. Jonov performs are part of larger breast revision and implant removal surgeries.

This unique technique is revolutionary because it utilizes no breast implant or transferred material. “There is no implant, but it looks like there is,” Dr. Jonov said. This offers patients the opportunity to achieve perkier, fuller breasts without implants.

About The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery: The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is a premier plastic surgery practice that serves the Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle areas. Dr. Craig Jonov has over twenty years of experience performing plastic surgery and injectable treatments. In addition to the auto augmentation technique, he performs traditional breast augmentation and fat transfer to the breasts. You can find plastic surgery before and afters on Dr. Jonov’s Instagram @realdrj and on The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery website