Following the success of the inaugural Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) launched last year in Paris, Euromedicom and Informa Exhibitions are now pleased to announce the 2nd edition, AMEC 2014. Developed to meet European needs for a larger global aesthetic and anti-ageing event at the start of the new season, the congress has been founded on a multi‑specialty approach for the aesthetic, preventive, and anti-ageing practice.

Medical and scientific associations support

Under the scientific supervision of the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-aging Medicine (WOSIAM) and its sister association, the Multispecialty European Society for Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine (MESAAM), the AMEC 2014 scientific programme is the result of the close collaboration with active medical partner associations from Russia, Northern Europe, and South-East Asia.

Highly practical and clinically relevant content

With content developed by the directors and scientific committee, AMEC 2014 gathers together selected acclaimed and enthusiastic speakers. The scientific programme is centred around highly practical content and adapted to physicians of all levels of expertise. There will be a number of interactive live demonstration sessions that will address clinical essentials.

Physicians who have only recently  begun their careers in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine will benefit from the sessions that provide rapid and necessary background information on how to embark on this long and rewarding journey. Experienced physicians will benefit from advanced techniques and experts’ knowledge to be able to benchmark and improve their performance. Participants can directly and assuredly apply this updated and acquired information to their daily clinical practice.

The 2nd Anti-aging and Beauty Trophy

Trophy Logo

Considering its high value to this continually evolving discipline, Euromedicom has organised the 2nd Anti-aging and Beauty Trophy award to celebrate this continually evolving industry. Trophies will be awarded to the companies with the best innovative products and technologies of the year.

With an effort to promote and encourage high-standard clinical excellence, there will be an award for ‘Best Clinical Cases’ and we cordially invite physicians to enter in this category.

Aesthetics from head-to-toe

AMEC 2014 aims to unite aesthetics strategies (aesthetic dermatology and surgery) for the external appearance with anti-ageing medicine for internal wellbeing and aesthetic improvement. These strategies can be efficiently applied to all parts of the body from head-to-toe.

Training and educational sessions, live demonstrations, and workshops will be run by a world class faculty of opinion leaders in their respective fields. More than 150 international speakers from academic institutions and private practice will share their expertise at this event. Examples of confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Aesthetic dermatology: Raj Acquilla (UK), Doris Day (USA), Christine Dierickx (Belgium), Marete Haedersdal (Denmark), Kate Goldie (UK)
  • Aesthetic surgery: Mark Codner (USA), Berend Vanderlei (the Netherlands), Steven Hopping (USA), Olivier Galatoire (France)
  • Anti-ageing and preventive medicine: Sylvain Mimoun (France), Bernd  Kleine-Gunk (Germany), Cem  Ekmekcioglu (Austria), Daryl O’Conner (UK).

The AMEC 2014 will also feature the following advanced educational programmes:

  • The 2nd European Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Rendez-Vous, organised under the direction of Drs Eric Plot and Sylvie Poignonec, will cover a full day focused on ‘Eyes and periorbital zone: rejuvenation and beautification’. Live surgical procedures will be transmitted from the operating room showing both surgical approaches and different non-invasive treatments to rejuvenate this area. Dr Mark Codner (plastic surgeon, USA), well-known clinician and speaker, will highlight the art and science of the practice with a team of experienced international plastic surgeons
  • The 4th International Hair Surgery Master Course (IHSMC) directed by Dr Pierre Bouhanna will present the latest scientific information and technology dealing with hair problems and management
  • The 7th IClass Hand (international master class with live demonstration on aesthetic surgery and skin rejuvenation of the hand) covers two consecutive sessions focusing on ‘Women want beautiful hands and arms’.

Aesthetic dermatology and surgery sessions

AMEC-coverwebsite_2Directed by Dr Sabine Zenker (Germany), Dr Inès Verner (Israel), and Dr Ali Pirayesh (Netherlands), the successive aesthetic sessions are organised and structured to incorporate recent evidenced-based information. A combined non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate and rebuild the whole face will be addressed by each region: upper, middle, and lower face and neck. An emphasis will be put on the safety based on the anatomical landmarks while obtaining an excellent result. Live injections on patients will be performed by internationally renowned experts.

Three must-attend sessions are: ‘Facial aesthetics: back to basics/begin from the very beginning’; ‘From anatomy to practical training in facial injections’; and ‘Neuromodulators and more’.

While beginners will rapidly gain the essentials to start, the experienced physicians will refresh their knowledge and update their practice. The session on ‘How to deal with complications’ will address practical information to handle or avoid complications resulting from different treatments.

Rejuvenation with threads will be addressed in the session: ‘Threads — myths and reality’, which will provide state-of-the-art information. Experts of each thread system will demonstrate their application via live demonstrations transmitted from the operating room to the conference room.

The aesthetic gynaecology session will provide information with emphasis on the clinical application of fat grafting, filler and botulinum toxin injections, lasers, platelet-rich plasma, and threads for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation. Sessions on lasers and energy-based devices, combined treatments for hyperpigmentation, and acne and scars remain subjects of interest throughout the conference. A session on beautiful legs includes the management of cellulite, leg veins, fat legs,  and various treatment options.

Anti-ageing and preventive medicine sessions

Under the scientific direction of Dr Claude Dalle (WOSIAM President), educational sessions relating to effective and safe anti-ageing medicine represent an important part of the AMEC 2014. Anti-ageing updates will be covered in the following sessions: ‘Healthy ageing’, ‘Stress management strategies’, ‘Sport and Exercise: is it beneficial or harmful?’, ‘Longevity food for real prevention’, ‘Metabolism linked to cancer’, ‘Nutrition and epigenetics’, ‘New trends in anti-ageing in 2014.’

The ‘Cutting-edge therapies for longevity’ session will address the leading information and perspectives in the field of anti-ageing and health. A perspective on anti-ageing and gerontology, thyroid signalling and life extension will be summarised in the ‘Lifespan management’ session.

The human gut is a huge complex ecosystem where microbiota, nutrients, and host cells interact extensively. The ‘Gut and microbiote for health’ session will focus on recent data on microbiote, which is crucial for the gut homeostasis and methods to reinforce immunity.

Sexual motivation is well recognised to be influenced by hormones. In most mammalian species, sex hormones control the ability to engage in sexual behaviors. The ‘Sexuality and sex hormones’ session will address recent information on the impact of ageing on sexuality and the influence of sex hormones and sexual function in the older population.

Industry business opportunity crossroads

Over 130 leading companies will be showcasing their latest products and technologies in the exhibition hall. This congress will be an excellent forum for state-of-the-art information making the visit to the AMEC 2014 worthwhile and rewarding.